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Work Place Improvements with Rambo

Photo Credit: Office Space/20th Century Fox

Photo Credit: Office Space/20th Century Fox


Aside from being a member of the prestigious Poor Scholars staff, like most Americans (in these trying economic times, “most Americans” is used very loosely) I have the unpleasant task of waking my ass up every morning and trekking to a regular 9-5 office job. This isn’t to say that I hate my job because really it isn’t that bad and generally I enjoy the people I work with, but in relative terms compared to the other things I could be doing with my time, it does suck. A majority of us regular Joes who hold steady jobs in various capacities would rather be doing things like traveling the world, laying on a beach somewhere or in my case sitting on my ass playing video games and watching TV all day. Sadly, only so many people can make up the 1% of society who are able to live like this and at this point the only way this will ever be a reality for most of the population is by some fortuitous event that brings instant wealth (think about the lottery). While being both poor and not white trash enough to win the lottery – seriously there has to be a statistic somewhere relating socioeconomic status to lottery wins – I am resigned to the fact that I will have a normal, median career for the rest of my life.

Why you ask, am I bringing this up?

Good question.

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