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The Last Second Guide to Writing a Tired Post About Valentine’s Day

broken heartsBY ALEX RUSSELL

Love stinks, right?

That’s one way to go with your Valentine’s Day post, for sure. No matter if you write for a personal blog or a national column, this week if you’re in the business of talking you have to talk about Valentine’s Day. What else are you going to talk about, the Olympics? Name six people in the Olympics. Do it. Name any that aren’t Shaun White.

Trick question! No one’s at the Olympics. Those are just an obvious ploy to give lonely hearts something to talk about this week rather than think about the greatest, loveliest day of the year!

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Poor Scholars favorite TV couples

parks-rec-andy-april_400BY MARISSA CORVALLIS and AARON GOLDBERG

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Poor Scholars asked it’s own Marissa Corvallis to share her favorite couples on television. Because who doesn’t miss Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad?

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