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An open letter to Mike




Being born in the early 1980s in the suburbs of Chicago, naturally, I had no choice as to whether Michael Jordan would have an impact on my life.

I look at pictures from when I was two and three years old and I was in MJ shoes and t-shirts. Obviously I could have been wearing anything, as I was still at the age where my parents dressed me, but I was exposed to him and basketball before I could choose to be nonetheless.

I’ll leave it a psychoanalyst to decide whether I was drawn to hoops because of that imprint or because I liked the sport but, regardless, basketball was my first love as a sport starting around the age of four.  By the time I was in kindergarten and elementary school, my room was decorated with MJ posters. I envisioned myself as him dunking on the Fisher Price hoop set up in my basement.

But when I was in second or third grade (‘91 or ‘92) something major happened.

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