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Amazon’s comedy pilots reviewed: Are they any good?


Amazon recently announced a run of eight possible comedy pilots that they would stream to see if anyone liked them. They said they’d buy the ones people like. I previewed them here and basically hated them. I think anything’s worth 22 minutes, though, so I decided to watch them.

Are they any good? Let’s get into the first four:

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Inside Amy Schumer: Gross name, great show


The very first scene in Amy Schumer’s new Comedy Central show begins with Amy trying out for a role in a “project” which turns out to be a remake of the famously graphic 2 Girls 1 Cup. Where can it possibly go from there?

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Pay Up, EA Sports


Here at Poor Scholars, we are always looking for ways to scrounge up some pocket change to improve our lowly financial status. As it turns out, the constantly criticized Electronic Arts (EA) is offering to cut most of us a decent sized check along with anyone else who has purchased a copy of Madden, NCAA Football, or Arena Football since 2005.

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K-Mart gets smart

ship-my-pantsBY SCOTT PHILLIPS

Commercials have become a regular part of our culture. Unfortunately, most of them are awful or get old very quickly. But this new K-Mart ad — yes, K-Mart — is absolutely incredible.

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Why can’t we stop watching (and recording!) TV we hate?


My DVR’s generally pretty full. I imagine yours is, too. So why do we all keep recording The Office?

It’s simple enough to say “eh, there’s only a few left” and just ride out a show that’s lost a step but is almost over. A classic example is Scrubs, except instead of “losing a step” it took a step off a cliff that was above a building that was on fire. But what about a show you used to love that is just starting to suck? What about letting all that Veep or Archer build up because you have to stay caught up on shows you’re already bored with?

That’s a ridiculous example, of course, because you watch Archer instantly every Thursday because you’re not a goddamned monster. Other than that, though, let’s figure it out.

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Netflix knows nostalgia: Cartoon Network on instant streaming


A Netflix subscription has its’ ups and downs.

On one hand, the instant streaming subscription mostly offers options that most viewers aren’t dying to stream. After a few months of catching up on a few tenured favorites, some subscribers find themselves lost amid a sea of unfamiliar, uninspiring titles that ultimately result in a loss of viewing interest.

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R.I.P. Shain Gandee


If you’ve checked out Poor Scholars in the past, you know that we have some fans of MTV reality television — in this case, Buckwild. Earlier this week cast member Shain Gandee, his uncle and a third passenger were found dead in Gandee’s 1984 Ford Bronco in West Virginia. The cause of death was due to carbon monoxide and it was ruled accidental. 

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Poor Scholars WWE Retro Vid of the Week

wrestlemania17BY RAJ NATION

If you’re familiar at all with Poor Scholars then you’re aware that we have some wrestling fans on the staff. In this week’s edition of the Poor Scholars WWE Retro Vid of the Week, Poor Scholars’ Raj Nation breaks down a classic match between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin from Wrestlemania X-Seven.

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I’ve seen everything on Netflix: Examining Amazon’s upcoming comedy shows


Since Netflix is still printing money, Amazon has decided to crush them into oblivion with some of their own streaming shows. Their plan is to make the pilots and see which ones people like. Then they’re going to make those shows and buy sixteen thousand yachts.

So what are we going to like? I don’t know! Probably the one with Bill Murray, though, because duh.

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Get Captured Under the Dome


The name Stephen King is often enough to send pangs of joy through sci fi/horror fans. King is the colossus of chills, the sultan of scares, the great bloodbino! Badly placed Sandlot references aside, a horror fan that is not familiar with the print and/or cinematic portions of Kings’ work is one who is merely trying to fit in, and doing a poor job at that.

If there is any knock on King, however, it might be due to his inability to ensure that the big screen version of his stories always match the quality of his novels. Not to say that all films based off of Stephen King novels have flopped, but anyone with a Netflix account can do a bit of searching and find the seedy underbelly of his film adaptations.

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