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Cutting to 25: Opening Day previews for every MLB team


The start of baseball season has an elusive quality to it for sports fans. Unlike the start of comparable leagues like the NFL or NBA, which enter each year with a roar of anticipation, baseball is content to sneak in the back door with a whimper each April. Lo and behold, Major League Baseball decided to roll out an Astros home game to kick off the 2013 season.

The Final Four has an annual death grip on sports through the first week of April, and so baseball must take a backseat for a few days. There will, however, be a few long Summer months in which baseball is the only thing available in professional athletics, which is usually when fans begin to acknowledge MLB’s existence.

In the meantime, the real action begins today for anyone not residing in Texas. Anyone with a busted bracket like me will appreciate a chance to bask in light of America’s Pastime, at least for a few weeks until the Cubs go bust.

Since every team is required to enter their first contest with 25 men on the roster, I’ve taken the pleasure of writing a preview of all 30 MLB clubs in precisely 25 words. Some may call this concept unnecessarily tedious, and after repeating this exercise so many times I would tend to agree. At any rate, enjoy.

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