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What have the kids from ‘School of Rock’ been up to for the last decade?



Rock got no reason, rock got no rhyme. You better get me to school on time.

It’s been more than 11 years since School of Rock first captivated audiences of all ages with its musically-infused brand of comedy. The former classmates/cast mates got together late last year for a reunion to rehash the old times at Horace Green prep.

And that got me thinking. Now, eleven years removed from their moment in the sun as rock stars, what have Jack Black’s former proteges accomplished?  Continue reading

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Urban Dictionary Words of The Week

urbandictionaryBY TROY PHILLIPS

You’re probably looking for a snappy intro to hook your attention. If so, you’re out of luck.

The mere mention of “Urban Dictionary Words of the Week” should be enough to set any potential reader off in a frenzy of anticipation.

So come on inside and behold the five best selections for this last blistering wednesday of February.
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T-Minus four days until ‘Late Night’ with Seth Meyers

LateNightwithSethMeyers_PBY TROY PHILLIPS

Let’s talk talk shows. You have your young hotshots (Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon), your established mainstays (David Letterman, Craig Ferguson), and an edgy black (or perhaps red) sheep named Conan O’Brien. They’re all valuable parts of the after-hours spectrum, humerous and unique plenty of other buzzy words, but I’m not burning the late night oil for any of these noteworthy front men.

No, I plan to spend my late nights watching Late Night, otherwise known as the reason why Seth Meyers vacated the Weekend Update desk. Meyers’ new chapter as full-time host begins next Monday on NBC as he attempts to fill Fallon’s spacious shoes. Continue reading

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Urban Dictionary Words of the Week

urbandictionaryBY TROY PHILLIPS

Resident master of lexicon Troy Phillips trudges through the muck of Urban Dictionary to find his favorite gems hidden in the shuffle. Continue reading

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‘Draft Day’ tied to real Browns by name only



Sonny Weaver Jr., that’s the name of the general manager of the Cleveland Browns in the upcoming film Draft Day. 

It’s not  Michael Lombardi or Ray Farmer, it’s Kevin Costner, playing a fictional GM who is portrayed as the head of a competent front office, which should be your first hint that this film is not based on a true story.

Don’t write “Draft Day” off as a loser, at least not yet. Continue reading

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The Marcus Smart shove from all perspectives

marcus smart


First things first; there are no winners in this Marcus Smart debacle.

Texas Tech booster Jeff Orr was wrong for heatedly yelling at a student-athlete in the midst of heated competition; Smart was wrong to respond physically. It left the athletic department at Oklahoma State with a PR headache and no choice but to sideline a future lottery pick and hinder the long-term outlook for one of the best collections of talent in Cowboys hoops history. Mistakes were made, tempers flared, and now everyone involved is worse for the wear.

But that doesn’t mean the involved parties are without rationalizations.

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Trailer Time: Non-Stop

liam neeson non-stopBY TROY PHILLIPS

YouTube is an evil place.

Get hooked on a topic, say parrots with inappropriate vocabularies, and you can get lost in ornithological cursing rants for hours on end. It’s amazing, the things that the internet will supersede.

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NFL Bowl Week: More Football for All

131223205851-jim-schwartz-t2-single-image-cutBY TROY PHILLIPS

I must say, it feels good to be back! Worry not, I haven’t become some sort of exclamation-slinging maniac (an exclomaniac?) in my time away, I’m just glad to get back to the old grind.

It’s been about a year since we started for the first time here at Poor Scholars, which made me consider doing a “then vs. now” type intro. Then I realized no one wants that, myself included. Sharknado. The Miami Heat. Peyton Manning. Terrio Vines. You get it because you lived it.

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Spring Film Slate Movie Exchange

Over the course of a week, Troy Phillips and new Poor Scholars staffer Ryan Fleig exchanged a few emails about the number of highly acclaimed releases set to hit the big screen this over the next month and a half.  Among topics discussed were the makings of a classic sports movie, The Great Gatsby and which films are can’t miss in theaters. 
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