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The Academy Awards were great, except for that one thing that wasn’t


oscars_2014_-kristen-anderson-lopezrobert-lopez-_650_36Let’s hear it for the Oscars. On the whole, America’s premier awards show bellied up to the bar and provided three plus hours of quality entertainment. Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizzas and took a group selfie that a few people liked, Gravity swept nearly every minor award and Leonardo DiCaprio went home empty handed once again. By most measures, it was a grand old night to honor the stars.

Except for one undeserving winner. “Let it Go” taking Best Original Song is straight up bollocks, as folks across the pond might say. (Not that there are any ties to the United Kingdom in this story, the word just popped into my head and had to be released into print.) Continue reading

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Nate Silver predicts the Oscars


Normally, Poor Scholars isn’t inclined to produce a post on someone else’s predictions, but Nate Silver is a baller, so we’re making an exception.

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Seth MacFarlane: Right choice for the Oscars

sethmacfarlaneBY TROY PHILLIPS

Admittedly, I wasn’t aware that Seth MacFarlane was going to host this Sunday’s Oscars until recently. Thursday morning, to be exact, when Scott asked me if I, the avid fan of Family Guy, had any thoughts on MacFarlane being the emcee for the most prestigious event in cinema.

So no, I don’t follow award shows very closely, but yes, I am very familiar with MacFarlane’s work and the standards that are expected at a formal, star-laden event such as the Oscars.

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