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Netflix knows nostalgia: Cartoon Network on instant streaming


A Netflix subscription has its’ ups and downs.

On one hand, the instant streaming subscription mostly offers options that most viewers aren’t dying to stream. After a few months of catching up on a few tenured favorites, some subscribers find themselves lost amid a sea of unfamiliar, uninspiring titles that ultimately result in a loss of viewing interest.

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A look at the new upcoming Netflix original programs


Watching TV shows on Netflix is all the rage. If you’re a fan of movies or television, it’s very likely you already own a subscription to Netflix, and subsequently view movies or shows on one of Netflix’s variety of streaming app.

Well, if you don’t, you certainly know people that do.

The beauty of Netflix’s streaming capabilities is that for fans of anything — TV dramas; independent film; professional wrestling; seriously, anything — a litany of programming choices is right at their finger tips without ever having to leave home. Of course, this has led to people often watching copious amounts of their favorite programming and going on weekend binges to get caught up on Netflix favorites such as Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother.

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The art of a “Bad Movie”

18_Year_Old_VirginBY ALEX RUSSELL

My Netflix has absolutely no idea who I am anymore. We used to be tight.

Patton Oswalt has a classic, perfect bit about his TiVo losing the ability to recommend shows to him after he liked a western, because it drew the conclusion that he only liked “horsey shows” with horses in them.

My Netflix has a similar problem, but I did it to myself. I’ve had the same account for as long as Netflix has been around and I really liked the way they suggested options at first. I’ve rated 600 movies. I watched everything Woody Allen ever made over a summer. It’s how I watched all of The Wire and Breaking Bad and Six Feet Under.

I say all that to hopefully cushion the respect you’ll lose when I continue here. Let’s remember this good time when we were friends.

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