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A fan rant in defense of Derrick Rose


Every morning I check Facebook and Twitter and read the select group of Chicago Bulls fans that continually throw Derrick Rose under the bus. They question his toughness and his heart and it’s equally laughable and sickening. For anyone in Chicago to question Derrick Rose is completely ridiculous and they’re making an emotional overreaction.

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The NBA scoring race is getting fun

lebronmelodurantBY SCOTT PHILLIPS

If you are like most basketball fans by now the NBA regular season is dragging a bit. After the All-Star break, through about now, it’s just difficult to drum up excitement to watch NBA basketball. March Madness contributes to this factor a bit, but more-or-less, there really isn’t much to get excited about in the first place.

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Relax, Woj

Photo Credit: Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo Credit: Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images


In terms of transactions in the NBA, there is only one reporter working that I look to for the latest information — Adrian Wojnarowski.

After reading his column today, he remains one of, if not the best, news reporter for all things NBA in my dreary eyes. I haven’t heard, seen or read anyone better at getting the news first.

However, his opinion has now lost all credibility with me and I will no longer waste more than a second to read anything with his byline unless it is a news report.

Before you read any further, please read his column.

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Death of the Dunk Contest? Stop it…



I’m obsessed with dunk contests, so it pains my heart to watch another mediocre contest like the one over the weekend. But rather than joining the masses and complaining with no solutions, I’ve decided to come up with my own ways to improve the NBA Dunk Contest. My credentials, you ask? I’ve watched every NBA, college, and high school dunk contest imaginable and was once a judge during the dunk contest of a high school All-Star game. I also produced enough of my own dunk contests on a Fisher-Price hoop as a kid in the basement of my Dad’s house to know what I’m doing. See, Grandma, judging all of those basement dunk contests featuring everyone from Detlef Schrempf to Mark Price to Michael Jordan finally paid off!

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The 5 Best NBA Player/Actors

michael-jordan-in-space-jam-1996BY BRIAN GODAR

In honor of Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday and Space Jam’s 12-year theatrical release anniversary last week, I look back at some of the NBA’s most transcendent stars; players going beyond athletics and taking on the mantle of actors. Most of the time, the movies are bad or gimmicky, or the players discover that their acting talents don’t run nearly as deep as their athletic prowess. Luckily, this almost never has any effect on how entertaining the movie itself is, and it can actually make a movie better when an athlete-actor is bad. Sometimes the role in question requires someone to ham up the acting, and rather than embarrass a real actor, you can hire an athlete who is doing this for fun and will actually make the role better.

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Kyrie Irving: Time killer for the basketball junkie

kyrie irvingBY DANNY HAZAN

I am genuinely concerned for the well-being of the man behind the GetBangedOn YouTube/Twitter account. His channel was one of my favorites as he uploaded clips of nasty posterizing dunks from college and NBA as they happened each night. But he stopped uploading videos or sending out tweets some time in December, so I hope he is okay and it’s a case of him just moving on and doing something else with his time.

I just subscribed to another YouTube channel – NBAClutchtime.  This dude spliced together highlights (10 minute videos) of several NBA stars and is a must follow for any hoop head who finds themselves killing boredom on YouTube searching highlight videos.

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