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Real World: Portland – Hurricane Nia has made landfall (with Power Rankings)


Hurricane Nia MTV

Hurricane Nia

If you watched last week’s episode, Joi’s decision to leave meant one thing.

That tall black chick that was decking everyone in the preseason trailer is coming in.

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Revamping MTV’s Rock N’ Jock Super Bowl


The Poor Scholars staff spends much of the day trading ridiculous ideas that we could potentially write about. Most of theses ideas are never used or slowly developed, but as Rambo and I started discussing the old MTV Rock N’ Jock series earlier this week, I knew we were really on to something.

But when I started researching the old, glorified pick-up games that featured athletes, musicians and celebrities I came to the startling realization that Rock N’ Jock had been dead for over a decade.

I received further confirmation of the irrelevance of Rock N’ Jock when I asked my younger brother and Poor Scholars staffer Troy Phillips, who was born in the 90s, if he knew what Rock N’ Jock was.

He had no clue.

I was devastated; I felt like I’d let my brother down.

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