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DeAndre Jordan over Brandon Knight is the new JaDaveon Clowney through

DeAndre Jordan's reaction to his demolition of Brandon Knight.

DeAndre Jordan’s reaction to his demolition of Brandon Knight.


At the exact moment DeAndre Jordan unleashed fury on Brandon Knight, I was probably watching Marnie try to win back her ex because he’s rich now start to chase her dream in Girls.

But after seeing Twitter erupt, I pulled up the dunk and proceeded to watch it about 13 times. Once I picked up my jaw, I had a couple thoughts: 1) Props to Knight for sacrificing rep and ego (or, as J.R. Smith calls that combo, “EVERYTHING”) to make that stop. 2) This play is not going away. Anyone who saw this knew it instantly. Last time I felt this way from a highlight was when Jadeveon Clowney impaled Michigan running back Vincent Smith in the Champs Sports Bowl.

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Kobe Bryant gets how Twitter works

Kobe twitter

Kobe Bryant
Photo credit: @kobebryant


At the end of the day Kobe Bryant is just like any psychotically over-competitive person. He enjoys displaying his dominance in every way both on and off the basketball court at every single possible opportunity.

Last week Mark Cuban took the liberty of hosing down Kobe’s competitive fire with about 400 gallons of gasoline. Cuban told a Dallas radio station that the Lakers should consider using its amnesty clause on Bryant, who is set to make $30.5 million next year.

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