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Poor Scholars WWE Retro Vid of the Week

kanevaderBY RAJ NATION

If you’re familiar at all with Poor Scholars then you’re aware that we have some wrestling fans on the staff. In this week’s edition of the the Poor Scholars WWE Retro Vid of the Week, Poor Scholars’ Raj Nation breaks down a classic match between Kane and Vader from 1998.

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Poor Scholars WWE Retro Video of the Week

the-undertakerBY RAJ NATION

Welcome to the latest in Professional Wrestling from Poor Scholars: WWE Retro Video of the Week.

Our first iteration of ‘Retro Video’ takes us back to the summer of 1998; arguably the best period of storytelling in WWE history. After a five-month buildup of the Undertaker-Kane feud, which came to a clash at Wrestlemania XIV, and a termination at the following month’s Unforgiven Pay-Per-View in the infamous Inferno Match, Undertaker set his sights on Stone Cold Steve Austin. On this episode of Raw, Vince McMahon ordered a triple threat match between Undertaker, Kane, and Mankind to determine the No. 1 Contender.

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