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Poor Scholars Podcast: Episode 1


On Sunday, Poor Scholars’ Pat Flynn and Scott Phillips decided to record the first ever Poor Scholars podcast. Pat and Scott discuss MTV’s “Buckwild”, the NBA Dunk Contest, Jay “Don’t call me Jason” Williams, Frank Ocean and much more. The Poor Scholars Podcast touches on random subjects and has language suitable for adults.

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‘Dad, they were fighting over a parking space!’ Chris Brown and Frank Ocean duke it out

Photo Credit: Consequences of Sound

Photo Credit: Consequences of Sound


Chris Brown must have the most punchable face in the music industry. Over the weekend, the R&B superstar got into a brawl with fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean in the parking lot at Westlake Recording Studios in West Hollywood. The fight allegedly started over a parking space.

Yes, a parking space.

While the brawl reminds me of Calogero confusingly asking his father Lorenzo why Sonny murdered another man over a parking space in A Bronx Tale, just like in the movie, there’s much more to this brawl than just a parking space.

“You don’t understand, Dad, they were fighting over a parking space! Over a parking space, Daddy, why?”

We’ll explain, C.

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