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New star joins ‘Fast and Furious Six’


Yesterday news broke that may alter the entire course of history. This news was so mind-blowing and revolutionary that I am almost at a loss for words. Of course, we at Poor Scholars are referring to this exclusive story that Ain’t It Cool News unleashed on the world yesterday. Are you ready for this? I mean really ready? More than a few people who I told about this have already pissed their pants in pure jubilation upon hearing the news. Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you if you have to leave work after soiling yourself with palpable excitement.

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Previewing the movie trailers during the Super Bowl


Remember when the Super Bowl used to be about football? Well, that topic is for another time, but with approximately 111 million viewers in the United States alone last year, the Super Bowl has become a major event for the release of movie trailers. Movie trailers in their own right are a very big deal. They generate millions of hits on YouTube and some of my friends still get salty if we don’t get to the theater on time for them to see a minute of the newest Denzel flick.

Hollywood will unveil trailers for several new films during the Super Bowl and we break down the six that we’re anticipating the most.

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