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Death of the Dunk Contest? Stop it…



I’m obsessed with dunk contests, so it pains my heart to watch another mediocre contest like the one over the weekend. But rather than joining the masses and complaining with no solutions, I’ve decided to come up with my own ways to improve the NBA Dunk Contest. My credentials, you ask? I’ve watched every NBA, college, and high school dunk contest imaginable and was once a judge during the dunk contest of a high school All-Star game. I also produced enough of my own dunk contests on a Fisher-Price hoop as a kid in the basement of my Dad’s house to know what I’m doing. See, Grandma, judging all of those basement dunk contests featuring everyone from Detlef Schrempf to Mark Price to Michael Jordan finally paid off!

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Poor Scholars Podcast: Episode 1


On Sunday, Poor Scholars’ Pat Flynn and Scott Phillips decided to record the first ever Poor Scholars podcast. Pat and Scott discuss MTV’s “Buckwild”, the NBA Dunk Contest, Jay “Don’t call me Jason” Williams, Frank Ocean and much more. The Poor Scholars Podcast touches on random subjects and has language suitable for adults.

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