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Super Bowl XLVIII commercial rundown: The many shades of ‘Murica and idiot bait

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Like it or not, commercials have become ingrained as a part of Super Bowl culture as vaunted as the game itself. Much like Sunday night’s embarrassing blowout, most of the advertising content on tap was a disappointment.

Even so, every Super Bowl has its moments, and there were plenty of commercials that will resonate with the viewing public for years to come. Let’s take a look at the most hilarious, confusing and controversial moments that was thrown at us, courtesy of corporate America.

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Top Ten Michael Jordan Commercials


For someone growing up in Chicago during the Jordan era Bulls, it’s almost hard to fathom that Michael Jordan will turn 50 this Sunday.  It’s almost sad when you think about it really. There is an entire generation of kids growing up who will never fully appreciate His Airness and who never got to see his championship runs with the Bulls. Some of them will never truly appreciate his greatness and will be confined to watching YouTube highlight clips of the greatest basketball player to ever live.

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