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NFL Bowl Week: More Football for All

131223205851-jim-schwartz-t2-single-image-cutBY TROY PHILLIPS

I must say, it feels good to be back! Worry not, I haven’t become some sort of exclamation-slinging maniac (an exclomaniac?) in my time away, I’m just glad to get back to the old grind.

It’s been about a year since we started for the first time here at Poor Scholars, which made me consider doing a “then vs. now” type intro. Then I realized no one wants that, myself included. Sharknado. The Miami Heat. Peyton Manning. Terrio Vines. You get it because you lived it.

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Inside Amy Schumer: Gross name, great show


The very first scene in Amy Schumer’s new Comedy Central show begins with Amy trying out for a role in a “project” which turns out to be a remake of the famously graphic 2 Girls 1 Cup. Where can it possibly go from there?

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Anthony Jeselnik: Pushing the limit and what it will get you


Alternative comedy has always been interested in death and divorce, but only Anthony Jeselnik is interested in child abduction and genocide. If it’s about pushing the envelope, he seems to be out to prove that he doesn’t believe there’s an envelope to push.

His comedy is intense above all else. Spotify labels him as “Daniel Tosh without the smirk,” but that doesn’t do it justice. You really need to hear it. He’s killing, to be sure, but in a way that no one is really all that comfortable with. His debut album has a story about him telling everyone in an entire town to kill themselves. It’s gonna get worse.

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‘The Ben Show’ and ‘Nathan For You:’ Comedy Central’s new look Thursday


Comedy Central has never been afraid to try something new.

Every year the network adds a big handful of new programs to their heavy-hitter lineup of The Daily Show with Jon StewartThe Colbert Report, South Park, Tosh.0 and until very recently, not much else. Shows like Workaholics and Key and Peele are hitting their strides. Those six shows and a willingness to pay for Futurama, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and other can’t-miss shows bought from other networks have put them in a very safe space.

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