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Laching Class: Brian Urlacher burns bridges in Chicago


Two Christmas’ ago, I was in the market for a new go-to Bears jersey.

My old Matt Forte jersey had served me moderately well, but I had outgrown number 22 both in practicality and perception. No longer was he the upstart halfback out of little Tulane; he had become another established commodity on his way to the Pro Bowl. And frankly, that wasn’t how I rolled. A trendsetter in outdated attire, my self-appointed role in the jersey industry was to represent the undiscovered and unappreciated. My Lamar Odom Lakers jersey still stands out as one of my favorites from grade school. I would seriously challenge the world to find another fifth grader who could say the same, much less one who had lived his entire life in Illinois.

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule. Brian Urlacher was no exception. Lach was a standard of his own. And so my choice for a new Bears jersey was never really a choice at all.

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