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VMAs at Barclays


It seems like all roads are headed to Brooklyn these days.

Next month’s can’t miss sports drama 42 takes place in New York’s most popular borough and Jay Z, omnipresent as always, has more reason than ever to stay near home while his Brooklyn Nets battle for homecourt advantage in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Now the Video Music Awards can be added to the list after choosing Barclays Center as their venue of choice to hand out Moonmen.

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Word is Bond: ‘Where I’m From’

Where-Im-From-Jay-Z-DocumentaryBY ELI KABERON

A central theme in rap music has always been representing. Shouting out where someone was raised, the neighborhood they live and the city they claim is a necessity for any rapper.  Go through history and try to find one MC who didn’t have at least one song about representing. It’s impossible; they’ve all done it.

In this week’s Word Is Bond, I wanted to take a look at maybe my favorite song on the subject. No surprise, it’s by my favorite rapper of all-time. Jay-Z’s “Where I’m From” takes representing to a new level, giving all the grimy details on what life was like for a young Shawn Carter growing up in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects.

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