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The Marcus Smart shove from all perspectives

marcus smart


First things first; there are no winners in this Marcus Smart debacle.

Texas Tech booster Jeff Orr was wrong for heatedly yelling at a student-athlete in the midst of heated competition; Smart was wrong to respond physically. It left the athletic department at Oklahoma State with a PR headache and no choice but to sideline a future lottery pick and hinder the long-term outlook for one of the best collections of talent in Cowboys hoops history. Mistakes were made, tempers flared, and now everyone involved is worse for the wear.

But that doesn’t mean the involved parties are without rationalizations.

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Chuck E Cheese's in Boynton Beach, FLORIDA. Like this would happen in any other state.

Chuck E Cheese’s in Boynton Beach, FLORIDA. Like this would happen in any other state.


I’ve always known Chuck E Cheese’s as the go-to place for a kid to be a kid. Like if a kid ever came up to me and said “I just want to be a kid.” I would have told the kid to go to Chuck E Cheese’s.

But after this awesome/expected story out of Florida, I would no longer hypothetically tell kids to go to Chuck E Cheese’s because apparently they’re changing their image.

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Basebrawl is back: America’s little bros duke it out

Photo Credit: Christian Peterson/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Christian Peterson/Getty Images


I don’t know many people that are following the World Baseball Classic. It could be because the telecasts are exclusively on MLB Network, or the WBC is lacking all of the major necessary stars to rope the casual fan into a baseball tournament that occurs outside of baseball’s regular season and in the midst of March Madness and the regular seasons of the NBA and NHL.

But if the World Baseball Classic had more brawls like the one between America’s little brothers, Canada and Mexico, I would surely tune in.

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