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A plea to George R. R. Martin

georgerrmartinBY BRIAN GODAR

If you watch even the smallest amount of television, you are most likely aware that there is a show called Game of Thrones on HBO that has received wide critical acclaim. What you might not know is that this show is based on an ongoing series of fantasy novels written by George R R Martin. Fans of the show know this, and they also know that Martin likes to take his sweet time writing these books.

One of the more worrisome conversations when dealing with the relationship between the show and the books is that Martin has slowed his writing to a snail’s pace in recent years, which leaves fans of the show wondering if there will ever be sixth and seventh seasons. Martin took six years to write the fifth book, while the TV show takes one year to produce an entire book’s worth of episodes. At that pace, the show will have the first five seasons done years before Martin is done writing the sixth book.

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