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The art of a “Bad Movie”

18_Year_Old_VirginBY ALEX RUSSELL

My Netflix has absolutely no idea who I am anymore. We used to be tight.

Patton Oswalt has a classic, perfect bit about his TiVo losing the ability to recommend shows to him after he liked a western, because it drew the conclusion that he only liked “horsey shows” with horses in them.

My Netflix has a similar problem, but I did it to myself. I’ve had the same account for as long as Netflix has been around and I really liked the way they suggested options at first. I’ve rated 600 movies. I watched everything Woody Allen ever made over a summer. It’s how I watched all of The Wire and Breaking Bad and Six Feet Under.

I say all that to hopefully cushion the respect you’ll lose when I continue here. Let’s remember this good time when we were friends.

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