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Agent 47: Hollywood at the Bottom of the Barrel

20110425085903!Agent_47_BarcodeBY BRIAN GODAR

There is no point in hiding it; it has finally happened. Hollywood, fresh off another year packed full of remakes like The Amazing Spider-Man, Dredd, Red Dawn, and The Three Stooges, has run out of ideas completely. Where do you go once you have remade or created a sequel to every movie that was good enough to warrant it? The obvious choice is to look for new ideas from fresh writing talent, but Hollywood would much rather recycle than manufacture. Once you have made that decision, the only choice left is to decide what concept/film/franchise to recycle. You could remake a movie that is just a bit below average (which is now the best project available because everything good has been done and redone), but that might let on that Hollywood as a whole is slipping. No, instead of testing the waters by remaking so-so movies, the only choice possible is to cannonball straight into the deep end by taking a universally reviled film and remaking it. It is a move that is so overtly stupid and bold that the consumer has to believe that the movie studio has a trick up their sleeve. I am here to tell you that they probably don’t.

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