The Marcus Smart shove from all perspectives

marcus smart


First things first; there are no winners in this Marcus Smart debacle.

Texas Tech booster Jeff Orr was wrong for heatedly yelling at a student-athlete in the midst of heated competition; Smart was wrong to respond physically. It left the athletic department at Oklahoma State with a PR headache and no choice but to sideline a future lottery pick and hinder the long-term outlook for one of the best collections of talent in Cowboys hoops history. Mistakes were made, tempers flared, and now everyone involved is worse for the wear.

But that doesn’t mean the involved parties are without rationalizations.

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‘The Monuments Men’ looking like a shrine to inadequacy


Some movies project as quality cinema based solely off the trailer and the concept of the film. In my mind, and I’m sure I’m not alone, The Monuments Men earned such a label.

However, now that critics have had their peek at the entire product, the returns don’t look nearly as promising.  Continue reading

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PS Television Exchange: American Horror Story, Parks & Rec & DVR erasing

poorscholars_twitter2.jpgBY BRIAN CHIMINO AND SCOTT PHILLIPS

During the week, Poor Scholars staff members Brian Chimino and Scott Phillips, spend a lot of time talking about the latest and greatest that television has to offer.

This week, Brian and Scott discuss American Horror Story, Parks & Rec’s send-off, DVR erasing, and some show recommendations along the way. Oh, and SNL. Lot going on this week.

 As a courtesy to our readers, this post contains SPOILERS. Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVIII commercial rundown: The many shades of ‘Murica and idiot bait

BY TROY PHILLIPS700x357xmaxresdefault71-700x357.jpg.pagespeed.ic.At_mPGiEMt

Like it or not, commercials have become ingrained as a part of Super Bowl culture as vaunted as the game itself. Much like Sunday night’s embarrassing blowout, most of the advertising content on tap was a disappointment.

Even so, every Super Bowl has its moments, and there were plenty of commercials that will resonate with the viewing public for years to come. Let’s take a look at the most hilarious, confusing and controversial moments that was thrown at us, courtesy of corporate America.

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Urban Dictionary Words of the Week

urbandictionaryBY TROY PHILLIPS

Happy Wednesday, everybody.

Here we stand, stuck firmly in the monotony of winter. For most of the country, this has been one of the most intense winters on record. The polar vortex has taken its toll on all of us– hell, even Alabama couldn’t escape its frozen grasp, and totally panicked in response– and there are still plenty of frosty days ahead before we come out on the other side.

Until then, small favors will drive us through this white-walled hell. Urban Dictionary Words of the Week is one of those small favors, so you’re welcome and let’s get to it.

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How to eat for free forever at your office

coffee mateBY ALEX RUSSELL

One of the big issues with working in an office is that a lot of people are in close proximity while they’re working. Even if everyone gets along, this creates natural problems. There’s a scarcity of bathrooms. There’s no way to regulate the temperature. There’s constant distractions.

Above all else, though, is the kitchen situation. There are a million people in the world complaining about the guy that microwaved fish because he’s never had to deal with the feelings of another person, somehow. This is about something more important.

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It’s time to reinvent the Super Bowl halftime show


All things considered, the Super Bowl is a pretty spectacular evening.

Dedicated fans and oblivious bystanders band together to watch the most popular single night in all of sport, even if the latter group spends just as much time failing at Flappy Bird and shushing the room during commercials like they’re the main attraction. It’s an excuse to purchase copious amounts of processed fats and sugars and concoct ridiculous culinary combinations (think anything edible, wrapped in bacon) and send a glorious season of football off in style. But there’s one area of the game where America needs to throw the challenge flag; the halftime show.

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The local lawyer Super Bowl ad you have to see to believe


Super Bowl commercials over the years have gotten more and more ridiculous as companies from all over the world spend millions of dollars just to grab America’s attention span for up to a few minutes.

But this local two-minute Super Bowl ad in Savannah, Georgia takes the cake for most ridiculous ad of the night. World, meet Jamie Casino, local personal injury lawyer/flaming sledgehammer-wielding bad ass.

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C.M. Punk leaves WWE: Poor Scholars reacts


With WWE superstar C.M. Punk’s sudden departure from WWE this week, the Poor Scholars staff figured we would shed some light on the situation with a couple of thoughts from staff members Brian Chimino, Raj Nation and Scott Phillips.

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‘The Lego Movie’ is a classic in the making


But you’re too old to care about Legos! Said no one important, ever.

The Lego lover in me will always rear it’s youthful head, no matter how many years may rest under my belt. Right now I’m in the awkward phase where peeking in the display window at the Lego Store is hard to play off, but give it a few years and I’ll be able to use an imaginary niece or nephew as viable excuse for why I must know how many pieces are in that Ewok Village.

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