Movie Friday


11 a.m. Draft Day tied to real Browns by name only By Troy Phillips


11 a.m. The Monuments Men looking like a shrine to inadequacy By Troy Phillips


11 a.m. The Lego Movie is a classic in the making By Troy Phillips


1 p.m. Trailer Time: Non-Stop By Troy Phillips


11 a.m. Spring Film Slate Movie Exchange By Poor Scholars Staff


11 a.m. This is the End: apocalyptic summer blockbuster? By Alex Russell

12 p.m. Huey Lewis and Weird Al Yankovic parody American Psycho By Scott Phillips


11 a.m. Chalk it up to ignorance: How my upset empire crumbled By Troy Phillips

12 p.m. Poor Scholars NCAA Tournament Friday Blog By Poor Scholars Staff


11 a.m. Exploring a Poor Scholar’s DVR: Brian Godar By Brian Godar

12 p.m. Poor Scholars Friday Links By Poor Scholars Staff

1 p.m. Poor Scholars Short Film Suite By Troy Phillips


11 a.m. In defense of ‘Dark Skies’ By Troy Phillips

12 p.m. Eddie Murphy joins ‘Twins’ sequel By Scott Phillips

1 p.m. Previewing ‘The Hangover Part III’ By Rambo Nomolos

2 p.m. Poor Scholars Email Exchange: Delocated By Scott Phillips and Alex Russell

3 p.m. Poor Scholars Friday Links By Rambo Nomolos


11 a.m. The return of Prohibition By Chucks Eneip

12 p.m. Poor Scholars Friday Links By Rambo Nomolos and Scott Phillips

1 p.m. The art of a Bad Movie By Alex Russell

2 p.m. Name says it all for Kick Ass sequel By Troy Phillips


11 a.m. Seth MacFarlane: Right choice for the Oscars By Troy Phillips

12 p.m. Nate Silver predicts the Oscars By Scott Phillips


11 a.m. Short film: Bear By Max Robson

12 p.m. Unlikely movie sequels: Space Jam 2 By Troy Phillips

1 p.m.  Poor Scholars Podcast By Pat Flynn and Scott Phillips

3 p.m. New star joins Fast and Furious Six By Rambo Nomolos


11 a.m. A case for the Evil Dead remake By Troy Phillips

12 p.m. Identity Thief: Too sore a subject to be funny By Pat Flynn

1 p.m. The movies Poor Scholars wants to see in 2013 By Poor Scholars Staff

2 p.m. Agent 47: Hollywood at the bottom of a barrel By Brian Godar


11 a.m. Previewing the movie trailers during the Super Bowl By Scott Phillips

12 p.m. The most ridiculous movie title ever? By Scott Phillips

1 p.m. Uncle Ruckus the Movie: A Kickstarter campaign you should back By Rambo Nomolos and Brian Godar


11 a.m. Tale of the tape: Sly vs. Arnold 2013 edition By Troy Phillips

12 p.m. You say ‘Dwayne Johnson’, I say ‘The Rock’ By Rambo Nomolos

1 p.m. Unlikely movie sequels: Rudy 2 By Scott Phillips

2 p.m. Under the Radar: Year of the Bull By Pat Flynn

3 p.m. J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars? A Fan’s Reaction By Brian Godar