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Down The Toilet: An update on tanking in the NBA



Let me start by saying that I don’t have a particular fondness for the word “tank.” It connotes deliberately losing games by not putting forth an effort worthy of a professional level of basketball. However, “tanking” is the popular new buzzword for “rebuilding,” so I will humor the times and stick with “tanking” for now.

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Mixtape Masters: Shaquille Johnson and my favorite hoops mixtape of the last decade

Shaquille JohnsonBY SCOTT PHILLIPS

Poor Scholars returns today with a new series we’re running entitled: “Mixtape Masters”.

As many of you know, I’ve covered high school and college basketball since my college days and I spend a lot of time watching mixtapes of top players.

Mixtapes are a collection of highlight-reel plays that are put together to music by dudes that obsessively follow certain players.

And this Shaquille Johnson mixtape is worthy of the hype.

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A fan rant in defense of Derrick Rose


Every morning I check Facebook and Twitter and read the select group of Chicago Bulls fans that continually throw Derrick Rose under the bus. They question his toughness and his heart and it’s equally laughable and sickening. For anyone in Chicago to question Derrick Rose is completely ridiculous and they’re making an emotional overreaction.

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Reaction from all corners: Chicago Bears draft grades


The process of evaluating draft picks is, admittedly, a very empty ordeal. Teams, fans, reporters and all other types of evaluators masquerade around acting as if there are a defined set of rules for drafting players, a list of thou shalt, thou shalt nots inscribed across the walls of Radio City Music Hall for all to observe.

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Poor Scholars NCAA Tournament Buckets Pool Final Scoring


The Poor Scholars NCAA Tournament Buckets Pool is over and we have our winner. A breakdown of the final scoring.

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The NBA scoring race is getting fun

lebronmelodurantBY SCOTT PHILLIPS

If you are like most basketball fans by now the NBA regular season is dragging a bit. After the All-Star break, through about now, it’s just difficult to drum up excitement to watch NBA basketball. March Madness contributes to this factor a bit, but more-or-less, there really isn’t much to get excited about in the first place.

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A chronological championship game wish list


And then there were two.

From the field of 68 they have come, outpacing the rest of the field after achieving the near impossible; getting a group of  college athletes to play at a consistently high level for two weeks straight.

They are Louisville, the number one overall seed and consensus favorite, and Michigan, a team that could have challenged for the same role had they played the same way in December and January as they have in March. As national championships go, this one seems to have a surprisingly high level of balance in a year that has been characterized by inconsistency. I’m not here to call a winner — frankly I have no ties to either program this season, financial or otherwise.

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Monday Night Rawcap


The first thing I want to say about Monday Night Raw is that I really dislike the new format in which they present the recap of the previous week. They used to splice clips together using the announcers’ calls, but at some point in the last few months they cut that out and use the blockbuster movie voiceover guy instead. By the way, the big draw for tonight’s Raw is that Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Undertaker, and The Rock are actually all on the show. Shocking that that’s what it has come to for WWE, but then again the last time they were all on the same show was probably 2002.

On to the night’s action…

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Poor Scholars NCAA Tournament Buckets Pool Sweet 16 Scoring


The Sweet 16 and Elite 8 are finished, so Poor Scholars checked back on the Buckets Pool to see which team scored the most points over the weekend. Players that are italicized are still playing in the Final Four this weekend in Atlanta. 

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More than a silly name: What you need to know about Wichita State


There are a lot of standard names making deep runs in this year’s tournament: Duke, Louisville, Syracuse. One you’ll never see in a list like that is still around, though, and they are the Wichita State Shockers. Who the hell are they? Let’s sort it out.

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