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2/27/14: PS Television Exchange: True Detective is absurdly good; other shows return

2/24/14: Mixtape Masters: Aquille Carr

2/20/14: PS Television Exchange: Shameless, True Detective and Shows that ended too soon

2/18/14: Video Breakdown: John Parr’s “St. Elmo’s Fire” videos are great

2/17/14: Mixtape Masters: D Rose’s high school mix is ridiculous

2/14/14: PS Television Exchange: HIMYM, Shameless, True Detective

2/6/14: PS Television Exchange: American Horror Story, Parks & Rec, and DVR erasing

2/3/14: The local lawyer Super Bowl ad you have to see to believe

1/30/14: Poor Scholars Television Exchange: Community, ABC’s new comedies and Shameless 

1/28/14: LeBron and Michael Beasley karaoke Juvenile’s ‘Back that Azz up’

1/24/14: Poor Scholars Television Exchange

1/21/14: Jay Z and Beyonce performing at the Grammys?

1/20/14: Mixtape Masters: Shaquille Johnson an my favorite hoops mixtape of the decade

5/9/13: My brief and memorable encounter with Ghostface Killah

5/7/13: A fan rant in defense of Derrick Rose

5/1/13: This Squirrel Man is an American Hero

4/18/13: Patton Oswalt’s improvised Filibuster kills it on Parks and Rec

4/15/13: K-Mart gets smart

4/8/13: The NBA scoring race is getting fun

4/5/13: Huey Lewis and Weird Al Yankovic parody American Psycho

4/2/13: Yawnapalooza: Lolla’s underwhelming line-up

4/2/13: Dubspot crushes April Fools’ Day

3/26/13: Avicii changes genres mid-set at Ultra Music Festival

3/25/13: Tiger is on the prowl

3/19/13: One-hit wonder extended career: Bryce Drew

3/14/13: A look at the new upcoming Netflix original programs

3/13/13: Pope Sheed: A Pope you can trust?

3/12/13: One-hit wonder extended catalog: Bone Crusher

3/11/13: Basebrawl is back: America’s little bros duke it out

3/8/13: Eddie Murphy joins ‘Twins’ sequel

3/7/13: Exploring a Poor Scholar’s DVR: Scott

3/5/13: One-hit wonder extended catalog: Hoku

3/5/13: Is the death of the ‘Harlem Shake’ coming?

3/4/13: Dennis Rodman: America’s favorite new foreign diplomat

2/27/13: Great news! Kanye is unraveling again

2/27/13: Reminder: ‘Marlins Will Soar’ by Scott Stapp still exits

2/26/13: One-hit wonder extended catalog: Spacehog

2/25/13: Vince Carter dunks still turn grown men into children

2/22/13: Nate Silver predicts the Oscars

2/20/13: ‘One Last Tour’ hits Chicago

2/19/13: One-hit wonder extended catalog: Freak Nasty

2/18/13: Death of the Dunk Contest? Stop it…

2/12/13: One-hit wonder extended catalog: Mark Morrison

2/5/13: One-hit wonder extended catalog: Snow

2/1/13: The most ridiculous movie title ever?

2/1/13: Previewing the movie trailers during the Super Bowl

1/31/13: Revamping MTV’s Rock N’ Jock Super Bowl

1/29/13: One-hit wonder extended catalog: Lou Bega

1/29/13: ‘Dad, they were fighting over a parking space!’ Chris Brown and Frank Ocean duke it out

1/25/13: Unlikely movie sequels: Rudy 2

1/24/13: New reality show inpired by ‘Girls’ has ‘disaster’ written all over it

1/22/13: The ‘other’ Wahlberg makes NKOTB’s new tour sound creepy

1/22/13: One-hit wonder extended catalog: Len

1/22/13: Rating the Pepsi NFL Anthems

1/21/13: Enough is enough, Ray Lewis