Poor Scholars was founded in 2013 by a gang of broke misfits that decided the Internet was made to write about things like pop culture, sports, and ’90s Nickelodeon movies like Good Burger. The goal of Poor Scholars is to provide fresh and original content that is interesting to read and will hopefully make you laugh or think.

Poor Scholars has a daily topic that we try to focus on, but we occasionally delve into theme weeks for big events or just write about whatever we want to.

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Our Staff

Professors: The regular crowd.

Michael Cahill is known by some as “Iceman” and can often be seen transporting buckets of ice for reasons unknown to the general public. He enjoys all 4 major American sports (soccer is for commies) and frequently insults James Dolan. Cahill leans heavily on Google for obscure references to cover for his obvious lack of practical knowledge and is vehemently opposed to cul-de-sacs.

Brian Chimino covers prep sports for High School Cube and High School Cube News. He is LITERALLY a Jack of all trades but master of none. He loves film, TV and sports. All he wants in life is to marry Katy Perry and become the General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

Pat Flynn, arguably the site’s poorest scholar, has had the pleasure of writing for several daily newspapers after earning a graduate degree that was totally unnecessary. He enjoys sports, TV (both good and bad) and movies. Pat is having a hard time masking his excitement for being allowed to write in the first person but he still doesn’t know how Girls can be considered a comedy.

Brian Godar is the resident TV Galactus, consuming shows with a Joey Chestnut-level of intensity. Much of his time, when not parked in front of a television, is spent fondly remembering the golden decade known as the ’90s and wishing he could go back in time to drink just one more Surge.

Eli Kaberon is a lifelong Chicagoan and an experienced journalist, but he never gets back on transition defense.

Jack Marshall is the core of himself. He follows the philosophy that there’s nothing bigger than yourself (genuine guy, right?). Along with golf, he enjoys partaking in verbal abuses and loathes hypothetical walks on the beach.

Raj Nation is the leader of, well, the Raj NATION, and author of the WWE Retro Video of the Week column. He first watched wrestling in 1996 and was thoroughly confused when his cousin told him, “Ken Shamrock is the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” replying with, “Why isn’t everyone running away then?” Little did he know that as he entered his 20s he would dress as Hulk Hogan and Kane on two different Halloweens. He’s also a rapper under the moniker Fenetik, wears ’90s NBA jerseys during summer, does impressions of Barack Obama to pick up women, and enjoys shouting “BEST IN THE WORLD!” from rooftops around Chicago.

Rambo Nomolos was sent from the future to teach you about everything that is good. He enjoys the finer things in life but won’t tell you what those are, he calls soccer “soccer” and he definitely shouldn’t be allowed to talk to your girlfriend.

Scott Phillips is a founder of Poor Scholars and writes about basketball for a living. Scott’s semi-normal life includes wishing he would be name-dropped on a Pusha T mixtape, thinking of ideas that serve little-to-no purpose and expounding on them and quoting obscure television shows.

Troy Phillips is a suburban philosopher who refuses to see Captain Phillips because he claims to have lived it in person. His hobbies include collecting obscure t-shirt jerseys, being critical and trying to impress potential scouts who might help him secure a dodgeball scholarship.

Max Robson is a retired Little League All-Star who drinks milk with pizza.

Alex Russell is a Memphis-native living in Chicago who has serious opinions about regional BBQ preparation, college basketball, and stand up comedy. He is medium in Japan. He is also the Founder and Editor of Reading at Recess, which is also great.

Substitutes: Popping in whenever possible.

Harold Bayless is a full-time sports reporter, mostly covering prep sports, after a 20-year career as a trader. After going broke in 2008, Bayless immersed himself with the dregs of the earth and subsequently spent most of the next year ingesting acid and other hallucinogens. Still a degenerate gambler, Bayless cleaned the rest of himself up in order to climb the next rung in the hierarchy of American civilization above scum – sports writer.

Marissa Corvallis is an advertising enthusiast who whistles while she works. She takes way too many photos of her meals, enjoys bad puns in good company and believes puppy therapy will cure what ails you.

Chucks Eneip is an aspiring Cubs outfielder turned doctoral student who likes good scotch and food, which is likely why his dreams never panned out. His favorite movie is Point Break and people definitely don’t tread on him.

Danny Hazan covers high school sports for, and contributes to other publications when possible. He cites his main influences as The Jerky Boys, Fu-Schnickens and Dr. Ronald Chevalier.

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