PS Television Exchange: True Detective is absurdly good; other shows return


During the week, Poor Scholars staff members Brian Chimino and Scott Phillips, spend a lot of time talking about the latest and greatest that television has to offer.

This week, Brian and Scott discuss True Detective, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Legit, About a Boy and some shows that are returning after the Olympics

 As a courtesy to our readers, this post contains SPOILERS.

Brian: Scott, I felt the need to initiate the conversation this week. I clear off my DVR on Wednesdays, my off day, and was furious to see no Goldbergs and no Trophy Wife on there because of the friggin Bachelor??

My anger made me feel like Marty so I was in the perfect mood to finally get around to this weeks True Detective.

Did I miss the root of Marty’s anger issues? We know why Rust is so dark but what drives Marty to cheat and beat up folks and snap?

I hope next week is just Rust and Marty sitting, drinking beer, and airing out their dirty laundry. Would make a great bottle episode.

I don’t care who the Yellow King is. I want to just keep watching these characters live and interact and fight and clash. Only 2 more episodes. At least we’ll get more Bachelor. SMH

Scott: I don’t mind The Bachelor. Over a dozen beautiful women fighting over one dude and doing and saying insane things to win? There’s worse television out there if you ask me, but I did miss The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife.

How about True Detective? Another strong episode and I’m really not sure why Marty gets so angry either. Maybe we don’t need a reason and we can just see he’s a loose cannon? Next week’s episode should really tell us a lot now that we know about the demise of the duo and the affair.

Also, did you notice that Rust’s tail-light was still kicked out after the parking-lot dust-up with Marty all those years later? Thought that was a nice touch.

Brian: The fact that you just admitted that you didn’t mind The Bachelor bumping the two best new comedies of the season, irks me. It’s no MTV Challenge.

I recognized the shot but forgot about Marty kicking it out. Lots of little things with the show. Now there are theories about the opening credits connecting dots to the show. It’s too much.

When you look at Woody Harrelson career, he’s gotten to “act” with a lot of good looking women, ya know. Must’ve been a good guy in his previous life.

The series started with Rust being this mysterious/bad person but it’s almost a 180 now as everyone else is more screwed up.

Next week could be the best episode of TV this season since “Ozymandias” during Breaking Bad’s last season.

Scott: Wow, an “Ozymandias” comparison already? That’s some high company.

Good call on Harrelson; tons of good-looking women to accompany him, especially on this show.

I like how Rust is this completely mysterious character, but it seems like Maggie is the one who knows him best in terms of his integrity and how he conducts himself. Why does nobody else seem to get that? Kind of confuses me.

Getting off of TD and onto some other shows, how is Brooklyn Nine-Nine looking now? I see that you sent me a thankful tweet early on Wednesday morning and I’m glad you’re digging it. Phenomenal cast all around.

What do you think of BK-99 now that you’re a bit more caught up?

Brian: BK-99, or as it’s more well known Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has really found its legs since I ditched it after 3 episodes. Funny dialogue with established characters. Tuesday Nights are now loaded for me like Thursday between BK-99, New Girl, Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, Justified, which was great again but you wouldn’t know that, and Shark Tank Tuesdays on CNBC.

Did you catch the first two episodes for About A Boy? New show from the makers of FNL and Parenthood. Similar tone. Only half hour. I’ll stick with it to further pack my Tuesday DVR.

Scott: I didn’t see About a Boy. I was intrigued, but didn’t watch the first couple episodes. Has it been any good?

Also, have you ever watched Legit on FXX? I’m not a Jim Jefferies fan, but I caught a few episodes and I really enjoy the supporting cast around him. DJ Qualls, in particular, as Billy, a man confined to a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy, is fantastic and I also enjoy his brother Steve on the show.

Anyways, as we get back into a normal show rhythm with the end of the Olympics, which show are you looking forward to returning the most?

Brian: About A Boy has been ok. I’ll ride out this short season. The main guy has done some stuff that doesn’t make himself too likable so I’ll see where it goes. Things got fixed too conveniently.

I almost forgot about FXX since The League has finished. I’ve seen commercials for Legit during Justified, the best show you don’t watch, and have chuckled. It looks to close to It’s Always Sunny which I’m not a fan of.

Thank God, the dull Olympics are over. Those turned into a disaster with the US not even medaling in hockey.

I get my shows back that we’ve talked about. HIMYM is in the final stretch, Parks N Rec, Community, Parenthood, Big Bang Theory, and a new season of my favorite reality show, Survivor. They have a unique format this year that I’m looking forward to. Like you and Real World.

Scott: I’m anxious to see where HIMYM ends. It’s just hanging on for dear life at this point. The jokes are so bad that they’re just trying to have Marshall purposely hard-sell shitty jokes just to get some laughs. Brutal.

I’m also interested to see the new dynamic on Parks N Rec and see how Community rolls on as well.

Legit is okay. It’s not really like It’s Always Sunny but has some similar overtones. Think of Jim Jefferies as an Australian, completely offensive version of Larry David on Curb. Jefferies plays himself, a comedian, and has some occasional guest-star appearances from people like Andy Dick but the supporting cast is what makes me laugh. Consistently strong and some good episode story-arcs as well.

To close out this week, how about Shameless? Seems like Lip and Ian are back with bigger roles and I’m okay with that. What were your thoughts on this episode? The Fiona/Lip kitchen argument was fantastic.

Brian: Shameless felt like a filler episode. Outside that great kitchen scene you mentioned, it was just furthering plot. Not too much stood out for me.

That’s it? You text me last week about this season of Real World and you’re not going to bring it up? Convince me to try it on demand. Why is it different from the typical past seasons where they get drunk, hook up, and fight?

Any future talent as far as the Challenges go?

Scott: I would go more into Real World, but there’s a special email exchange that I’m doing with Poor ScholarsReal World/Challenge expert Pat Flynn that we’re running on Friday. That will answer all of your questions.

Brian: That’s what we call a tease.

(Synchronizes watch)

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