What have the kids from ‘School of Rock’ been up to for the last decade?



Rock got no reason, rock got no rhyme. You better get me to school on time.

It’s been more than 11 years since School of Rock first captivated audiences of all ages with its musically-infused brand of comedy. The former classmates/cast mates got together late last year for a reunion to rehash the old times at Horace Green prep.

And that got me thinking. Now, eleven years removed from their moment in the sun as rock stars, what have Jack Black’s former proteges accomplished? 

Note: unfortunately, most of the characters peaked at a young age, so I only included those who went on to have noteworthy acting careers and/or were too important to the film to leave out.

Miranda Cosgrove (Summer Hathaway): Cosgrove’s role as the try-hard manager of the band was really what propelled her into the acting scene. She locked onto a series of lesser roles on Nickelodeon programming before landing her spot as the lovably annoying younger sister of Drake Parker and Josh Peck in Drake and Josh. After the cast went their separate ways in 2007, Cosgrove spring boarded to the lead in another Nickelodeon hit, iCarly.

Interestingly enough, there isn’t much to say about Cosgrove post-iCarly. Her only other acting credits in the last two years are a pair of voice over roles in Despicable Me 2 and a related video short and the lead in a made-for-TV movie entitled Girlfriend in a Coma. Actually, that title is very fitting in regards to her recent on-screen career.

Joey Gaydos Jr. (Zack Mooneyham): Zach Mooneyham, cool as the other side of the pillow and chock full of subtly brilliant ideas, is actually very genuine to Gaydos himself. He began playing guitar at age three and was only asked to audition for the movie after a representative caught wind of a music video he made at age ten. Once he was done touring for premieres for School of Rock, he released a self-titled album at age 13. Even in the heat of his fifteen minutes of fame, he reiterated that he was always “a musician first and an actor second”.  And you felt accomplished because you went to work and cleaned the bathroom today.

In 2005, he formed the Joey Gaydos Group (dude seems to be fond of his name) and released a second album. According to IMDB, he never appeared in another film and was slapped with a DUI in 2009. No word since.

Robert Tsai (Lawrence): Who could forget Lawrence, the enigmatic keyboard player who called Jack Black out for “being stupid and having body odor” and made his hair to look like a bunch of black pickles attached to his head. (If that doesn’t click, check his do in the bottom right of this picture.)

Since then, Tsai has done between jack and squat in the acting world. His only other acting credit is a one episode appearance on an Asian-American culture show called OCA Image TV. His lack of further appearances really are America’s loss. Lawrence was the man.

Kevin Clark (Freddy Jones): Pretty much every young male viewer looked up to Freddy Jones at one time or another. He was brash, confident, energetic and an impassioned drummer. He even hung out with musicians three times his age at the rehearsal for the battle of the bands, which is undoubtedly badass.

The only other places to find Clark on screen are in School of Rock itself or in a trio of guest spots he landed related to the film. He spoke on a documentary entitled The 50 Greatest Comedy Films and found himself on The Tonight Show and an MTV Movie Awards special as a direct result of his breakout role.

He is now 26 years old and without any newsworthy accomplishments for more than a decade.

Jordan Claire-Green (Michelle the groupie): Claire-Green isn’t on the list because she held a monumental part in the movie, but rather because she carved out something of an acting career in the following years when many of her counterparts could not.

Her resume post-SOR includes some small spots on notable shows like Wizards of Waverly Place and a keystone role in a handful of smaller releases like Come Away Home (2005), The 12 Dogs of Christmas (2005) and Forgotten Pills (2010). It’s not exactly the glitziest part of Hollywood, but she easily qualifies as the second most successful School of Rock alumnus, after Cosgrove.

Angelo Massagli (Frankie the security guy): You may not remember this kid, but I just want to point out he was  Bobby Bacala’s son in The Sopranos before he ever ran security at Horace Green. Recall he was once locked in a garage by Anthony Jr. and was constantly caught defending his imbecile of a father from the devious advances of Janice Soprano, but he was mostly just known for having unreasonably rotund facial features.

Hey, at least he’s thin now.

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