This ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ EDM mix is worth hearing

The-Wolf-of-Wall-Street-Matthew-McConaugheyBY TROY PHILLIPS

If The Wolf of Wall Street has taught us anything, it’s that any true rhythm comes from beating on one’s chest. Matthew McConaughey’s legendary tutelage of Leonardo DiCaprio won’t soon be forgotten, and from the moment McConaughey laid down his impromptu beat, it seemed destined for bigger things.

If you’re an EDM fan, your wish has been granted.

Enter Trentino and Navic’s “I Love Drugs” mix. It pairs the aforementioned humming/pounding of the trunk area with a few of Belfort’s butter-smooth taglines, as spoken by DiCaprio, of course.

It gets a little Skrillex-ish at times (you decide if that equates to benefit or bad news), but on the whole it’s pretty frickin’ awesome. Now all we need is a musical tribute to  Lemmon Quaaludes.

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