T-Minus four days until ‘Late Night’ with Seth Meyers

LateNightwithSethMeyers_PBY TROY PHILLIPS

Let’s talk talk shows. You have your young hotshots (Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon), your established mainstays (David Letterman, Craig Ferguson), and an edgy black (or perhaps red) sheep named Conan O’Brien. They’re all valuable parts of the after-hours spectrum, humerous and unique plenty of other buzzy words, but I’m not burning the late night oil for any of these noteworthy front men.

No, I plan to spend my late nights watching Late Night, otherwise known as the reason why Seth Meyers vacated the Weekend Update desk. Meyers’ new chapter as full-time host begins next Monday on NBC as he attempts to fill Fallon’s spacious shoes.

The inaugural episode of the show will feature Amy Poehler and Vice President Joe Biden. Set to take the stage at various points throughout the rest of the week are Kanye West, Kelly Ripa, Russell Wilson, John Mayer, and Sir Ian McKellen. Not a bad start, but the challenge will indeed be to retain quality guests once the show loses its new commodity gloss.

Fred Armisen will come along for the ride in the way of musical backup along with a few of his minions in “The 8G Band”. He’ll occupy the post of band leader year round, even while filming his IFC hit series Portlandia. You go, Fred Armisen.

Nostalgic SNLers are unlikely to walk away disappointed with the format — Meyers says he plans to integrate plenty of recurring characters and topical humor. It sounds like the apple won’t fall far from SNL producer Lorne Michaels’ tree, and its hardly unreasonable to think Meyers will steal a few of the more successful elements of Weekend Update while transitioning into larger format.

For now, details remain scarce. Come the end of next week, Late Night should erase all of the remaining question marks held by audiences, and then some.

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