Urban Dictionary Words of the Week

urbandictionaryBY TROY PHILLIPS

Happy Wednesday, everybody.

Here we stand, stuck firmly in the monotony of winter. For most of the country, this has been one of the most intense winters on record. The polar vortex has taken its toll on all of us– hell, even Alabama couldn’t escape its frozen grasp, and totally panicked in response– and there are still plenty of frosty days ahead before we come out on the other side.

Until then, small favors will drive us through this white-walled hell. Urban Dictionary Words of the Week is one of those small favors, so you’re welcome and let’s get to it.

As always, words, definitions and examples belong to their rightful owners, the comment is my own thoughts.

Word 1: Jawesome

By: Diggs

Definition: (adjective, adverb, interjection) awesome; coined by the Street Sharks action figures and cartoon show; alt. spelling jawsome.

Example(s): Jawesome! I did jawesome on that test!

Comment: I’ve never heard of the Street Sharks, but this sounds like the kind of corny phrase that deserves to be broadcast well beyond its time. Here’s a link to their IMDB page, and they look pretty frickin’ jawesome indeed.

Word 2: Two Tugs on a Roosack

By:  TrueBlueOcca

Definition: An Australian saying introduced late 2000’s, derived from a reasonably well known saying from across the ditch: “two shakes of a lambs tail”. Used as a measure of time – in the not too distant future.

Example(s): Mate 1: You got a minit mate? Mate 2: True blue mate, I’ll be there in two tugs on a roosack mate.

Comment: Did they even have to specify this phrase was Australian? It makes one wonder what a roosack might be, exactly, but then one realizes that Australians probably don’t know either and simply use the phrase to perpetuate their image as masters of phrase.

Word 3: Philistine

By: Miskatonic Jack 2

Definition: Philistine = No Culture
A conformist in everything they do. A person who is obsessed with sports, sex (among the High School and College set in particular, but some may not be at all) and Motor vehicles. They listen to whatever everyone else is listening to (especially if it is Country Music, Classic Rock,Nickleback, Limp Bizkit or rap/Hip Hop in the case of many younger philistines), wear whatever everyone else is wearing, and avoid anything that is in the least bit unusual, unique, or eccentric. They tend to have little to no use for art, be of limited intelligence, be obsessed with such things as NASCAR, golf, Hunting and Fishing, and tend to drive gas guzzling vehicles like SUVs andExtended cab Pickup Trucks. They are the fuel behind reality television. They love ATVs and all the damage they cause to the land. They could care less about the environment, only recycle if they feel a significant profit is to be made, and think that by keeping everything cut (grass, brush etc, ignorant of the fact that the plants that they are leaving are invasive) and throwing everything in the trash that they are helping the environment. They are ignorant of geography and will generalize an entire region under the identity of a single city eg Paramount’s King’s Island being in “Cincinnati”, Disney World being in “Orlando”, Coral Castlebeing in “Miami” and Tybee Island being in “Savannah”. No capability of thinking outside the box or any other sort of critical thinking for that matter.

Example(s): The United States is [sic] domminated by Philistines.

Comment: Well, if you read through that entire monstrosity (I didn’t), you realize that this is just an outsider’s bellyaching about the uniform thinking of society. Hate to break it to you, Miskatonic Jack, but if noting that Disneyland is located in Orlando gets under your skin, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Groupthink can get so, so, much worse, and the best way to deal with it is to pretend it isn’t an overarching issue, which the ole’ Miskatonic failed to realize.

Word 4: Hand Hug

By: Maggalaggadingdong

Definition: Similar to a high five, except for as soon as your palms touch, you each wrap your thumb around the other’s hand.

Example(s): That comeback was so awesome, I had to give him a hand hug.

Comment: Well this sounds really… stupid. Unless you’re purposely inducing an awkward moment (if you can’t think of an example, you’re missing out), steer clear of this greeting.

Word 5: Nerf

By: Koopa

Definition: To make worse or weaken, usually in the context of weakening something in order to balance out a game.

Example(s): Why the hell did Blizzard nerf Marines’ attack damage?

Comment: Using “nerf” as a verb sounded natural from the first read-through, so it receives kudos as something I could easily bring into my repertoire. Nerf guns were always seemed like the perfect toy in theory, but in reality they were just one long exercise in disappointment and lost darts.

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