The local lawyer Super Bowl ad you have to see to believe


Super Bowl commercials over the years have gotten more and more ridiculous as companies from all over the world spend millions of dollars just to grab America’s attention span for up to a few minutes.

But this local two-minute Super Bowl ad in Savannah, Georgia takes the cake for most ridiculous ad of the night. World, meet Jamie Casino, local personal injury lawyer/flaming sledgehammer-wielding bad ass.

I’m not sure if Jamie Casino is serious about representing people in a court of law, or he’s working on a development deal for a TNT drama, but either way, this commercial is incredibly over-the-top.

And did he really have family members get killed? Is all of this stuff true? And Jamie Casino can’t be a real name, right?

Savannah, Georgia can’t be that seedy, can it? Where was Jamie Casino’s flaming sledgehammer during the ice storm that crippled the South last week?

(h/t Deadspin)

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