C.M. Punk leaves WWE: Poor Scholars reacts


With WWE superstar C.M. Punk’s sudden departure from WWE this week, the Poor Scholars staff figured we would shed some light on the situation with a couple of thoughts from staff members Brian Chimino, Raj Nation and Scott Phillips.

Brian Chimino

I’d like to preface this by saying that I don’t fully believe Punk is gone until the March 3rd Raw from Chicago has come and gone without an appearance from the BITW.

IF Punk is indeed gone, this is a huge loss especially considering the timing of it. Biggest show of the year a couple of months away and you lose your 2nd most popular baby face. He sells t-shirts, he gets a great reaction, and he is the best at telling stories in the ring and on the mic. I could understand some of his rumored frustrations though. We don’t know what these guys go through on the road and their state of mind. I have to believe Punk cools off, rests up, and returns before WrestleMania 30. I’d be disappointed if he doesn’t, especially considering his contract is up in July anyway.

Raj Nation

The Best In The World is now The Best In The Unemployment Line, and the wrestling world is far, far worse off as a result. CM Punk’s sudden departure from WWE is arguably the only case where I can justify a professional athlete whine about not getting his way, and then quitting on his team. This isn’t a washed up Sammy Sosa needing at-bats, this is perhaps the best wrestler of our time in the prime of his career being relegated to mid-card status. Punk’s last year has consisted of losing the title to The Rock–aka show up every now and then to promote a movie–at last year’s Royal Rumble, being mired in a two months too long feud with Paul Heyman (and on top of that, having to work with Ryback who became irrelevant quickly), cutting promos promoting the very entity he hates, John Cena, on Raw Christmas, working with wrestlers 15 years past their prime in the New Age Outlaws, and watching as Batista pulled a Dwayne Johnson and won the Royal Rumble so he can promote a movie.

CM Punk was the reason I started watching Raw regularly three years ago, and if it weren’t for Daniel Bryan, I don’t know if I would continue to watch now without Punk.
Let’s hope it’s a work and we’ll see him on Raw in a couple months.

Scott Phillips

I unsubscribed from the WWE Shop mailing list this morning. My reasoning was as follows:

wwe shop

I’m not that emotionally invested in C.M. Punk or WWE, but I wanted to make it known to the unpaid intern reading my complaint that C.M. Punk was the only reason I casually watched wrestling anymore and with him gone, I’m gone too.

I like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler and a handful of other “Superstars”, but C.M. Punk was like Chicago’s fifth pro sports team.

Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs or Sox — not both, or you’re an asshole — and C.M. Punk. Those were the rooting interests of Chicago sports fans that also enjoy pro wrestling.

If C.M. Punk was a heel and the WWE show was in Chicago? Didn’t matter; Punk was getting cheered by the hometown crowd.

I went to a lot of WWE shows at Rosemont Horizon/Allstate Arena growing up and Punk had a crowd reaction that was second only to Stone Cold Steve Austin in his prime.

Bigger than The Rock, bigger than Shawn Michaels, bigger than D-X. People lost their shit when Punk entered the ring or won a match in Chicago.

It’s sad to see it (potentially) end like this. That is, C.M. Punk leaving WWE and me not watching professional wrestling anytime soon. I never thought I would be interested in wrestling again until C.M. Punk’s promos and in-ring prowess caught my attention.

Enjoy your hiatus, Punk. I’ll buy you a Pepsi if I see you around town.

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