Trailer Time: Non-Stop

liam neeson non-stopBY TROY PHILLIPS

YouTube is an evil place.

Get hooked on a topic, say parrots with inappropriate vocabularies, and you can get lost in ornithological cursing rants for hours on end. It’s amazing, the things that the internet will supersede.

That job interview you were ready to nail? There will be others. Your best friend’s wedding? He’ll be around plenty after the honeymoon. The birth of your first child? Maybe not, but did you hear how many f-bombs that bird was dropping? Amazing, I tell you!

On the flip side, living in the 21st century has its advantages. For instance, you can evaluate upcoming movies without having to march down to the theater or falling at the mercy of hearsay. On a recent trailer binge, I unearthed what appears to be a winning an upcoming action flick worth broadcasting. Take a peep at this extended trailer for Non-Stop, starring the impeccable Liam Neeson.

To an extent, you can make the argument that Non-Stop is no different than the hordes of other “mysterious hacker(s) vs. super cop” movies on the market. Neesen’s character will have some sort of checkered past, probably a disenfranchised kid or an ex-wife he’s desperate to appease while kicking ass at his high-stress government post. He’ll make some wrong moves in the beginning, but eventually he’ll string together a few right ones, at which point he’ll extinguish the threat and win the day. Well-received action movies are all about the execution between the major way points, the dialogue and finer fragments surrounding the main arc which separate a dime-a-dozen death fest from a Die Hard.

The point, ladies and gentlemen, is that most of what we have to go on this point is sitting a few inches above this sentence, and from an eye test perspective Non-Stop looks more than palatable. After a short Google search, there isn’t a whole lot to be had outside of a few general synopses. Apparently, the production team wants to manufacture as much mystery in the period prior to release as they intend to deliver during the 106 minutes of run time.

On a blind guess, Non-Stop appears to blend shades of Snakes on a Plane, 88 Minutes, and Taken into its tapestry. If director Jaume Collet-Serra can deliver a similar sense of action, suspense and intrigue to the aforementioned trio, it will be well on its way to a hefty haul at the box office.

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