Poor Scholars WWE Retro Vid of the Week


If you’re familiar at all with Poor Scholars then you’re aware that we have some wrestling fans on the staff. In this week’s edition of the the Poor Scholars WWE Retro Vid of the Week, Poor Scholars’ Raj Nation breaks down the legendary worked shoot from CM Punk.

In the last edition of ‘Retro Video’ we spotlight Joey Styles’ worked character shoot. What we didn’t tell you at that time (due in large part because we didn’t even know) is that it was the first in a 3-part character shoot series. This week, we go back to 2011 for one my all-time favorite clips, and what has become one of the most popular in recent wrestling history: CM Punk’s Monday Night Raw rebellion.

I chose CM Punk for part 2 of the series after a friend of mine texted me on Sunday afternoon to tell me he had just met Punk at a popular brunch spot in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Lucky Bastard.

Punk’s worked shoot was the epitome of the, “Did you see that? I don’t think that was supposed to happen,” reaction. In fact, I distinctly remember sending a text to fellow Poor Scholars staff members Scott Phillips and Rambo Nomolos saying something to that effect. This shoot is what made me, and thousands of other Chicagoans and wrestling fans worldwide fans of CM Punk. Prior to this, I didn’t know much, nor did I particularly care about/for the Chicago native. A little venting changed everything.

What makes this (like Joey Styles’ shoot from the last edition of ‘Retro Video’) so endearing is that, as a wrestling fan, you understand the place CM Punk is coming from. The frustration he lets out is the frustration we’ve all felt as fans, having to put up with lackluster content, terrible story and character development, and horrific movies shoved down our throats across the entire WWE landscape.

What sets Punk apart from Styles, however, is that he doesn’t speak just for himself. Yes, he proclaims (for the first time) that he is the ‘Best In The World’, and that he should be on the cover of magazines, collector cups, etc. But even as he preaches and pleads his case, he speaks for everyone in the locker room who hasn’t benefited from being the most muscular, or having the most clout with the McMahon family.

One of the best parts about this rant is that he actually was not signed to a new contract, and had no intention of re-signing. WWE asked him to make a story out of his departure, and he did just that (and then some). In fact, it wasn’t until two hours before his match at the Money In The Bank pay-per view that he actually did sign a new contract. That makes this shoot all the more authentic.

What happened next for CM Punk’s career? I think we’re a little familiar.

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