This Squirrel Man is an American hero


Part of the joys of attending a live sporting event are the goofy promos done to entertain fans between breaks in the game. These promos can go three separate ways:

  1. Be completely boring and lose the interest of the fans immediately.
  2. Be a normal run-of-the-mill competition or promo that keeps some interest but is nothing worth talking about.
  3. Include the San Diego Padres “Fastest Squirrel in the World.”

As you can see from this tremendous fan video, the “Fastest Squirrel in the World” is no joke.

In fact, he’s actually a former track athlete. From the Mighty 1090 AM:

Now here is the best part… When “Ace The Fastest Squirrel In The World” is not sparking rallies for the home team he is mild mannered account executive Eric Theiss for the Lake Elsinore Storm. Eric was an All American track standout at SUNY Oneonta with a personal best 47.62 seconds in the 400 meter dash.

So we salute you, Eric, (and the San Diego Padres) for the entertaining promo that gave the fans something to cheer about.

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