In Case You Missed It: Kyle Kinane


Anyone can read a Wikipedia page. Every Wednesday in “In Case You Missed It” I hope to put in context something in the world of comedy for non comedy-nerds. This week we look at Kyle Kinane, the voice of Comedy Central and an entire generation of people who ate too many meals at 7-11 in their teenage years.

You probably are familiar with…

…his voice. He has that Johnny-Cash-mouth-full-of-gravel tone going on. He’s been the voice of every Comedy Central promo for about two years, so he’s been the guy telling you to get excited for new episodes of South Park. That also means he’s been telling you to watch Brickleberry, but a job’s a job. Comedy Central’s always had iconic voices for their stuff, and I can only assume this means he’s entered into some Skull-and-Bones-style secret brotherhood with the voice of the network in the early 90s: Penn Jillette.

You might also know his jokes, if you’re into such things. Here’s one of them:

It’s an older clip but it really sums up what he’s going for with his persona: the desperate sadness of moving through life but not really growing. It’s a beautiful thing, friends.

You might also know…

Death of the Party, his first album. He’s put out Whiskey Icarus since then, but the former made just about every top ten list and is as iconic as a modern stand up album can get. Here’s a particularly special track about what it means to be in a tough situation, finding compassion in an unlikely place, and having to go to the bathroom in a place once called “the worst bathroom in Chicago:”

You might also know him as Sewer Dwayne from Workaholics, but if that’s the only place then what the fuck is wrong with you?

You should go check out…

Every stand up clip you can put your hand on, but also some of the weirder bits of Kinane online. Like this weird show he did during the last election about local campaign ads, his website which remains one of the only interesting and functional websites any comic has despite him not giving giving much of a shit about it, and this amazing clip of comedian/impressionist James Adomian doing Kinane’s iconic voice as Rorschach from the Watchmen universe:

Why does this matter?

He’s essentially the next Patton Oswalt in the sense that no comic can mention a list of their favorites without mentioning him. You aren’t going to find anyone more specific or amazing that you can see for less than $50 on tour, and you arguably won’t find anyone outside of the established legends (Louis C.K. et al.) that’s better than him and still alive. If you tend to find yourself using Febreze for non-Febreze tasks or “using bills to cover chili in the microwave” then not knowing Kyle Kinane is like missing a primer to your life. Get your mind right.

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