Inside Amy Schumer: Gross name, great show


The very first scene in Amy Schumer’s new Comedy Central show begins with Amy trying out for a role in a “project” which turns out to be a remake of the famously graphic 2 Girls 1 Cup. Where can it possibly go from there?

Inside Amy Schumer debuts April 30th on Comedy Central just after Tosh.0 and just before The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They’ll probably pick up a curious audience who watches Tosh and won’t turn away when shown two attractive women being pitched a gross idea. If not by design, maybe it should be. The show offers a look inside Schumer’s beautifully gross comedic mind through sketch and stand-up. I explained what that means on this site yesterday, so if you need a primer on Schumer herself, start here.

What happens in it?

Jokes! A little stand-up in between longer sketches. The first episode has the aforementioned 2 Girls 1 Cup bit which isn’t very timely now (and probably speaks to the amount of time Comedy Central has been sitting on this show) but is definitely made far more disgusting by the introduction of someone eating as someone else describes it. I thought the Internet couldn’t shock me anymore, but watching someone eat while auditioning for… that… got me a smidge.

That leads into a longer bit that shows a split-screen of a man and a woman the day after a drunken one night stand. It starts predictable but Schumer’s trademark sideways glance at gender roles saves it from being a “men are slobs/women are crazy” joke. Plus, cooking tips!

Then there’s a weird use of Michael Showalter, some pretty solid “man on the street” style joke interviews, and a surprisingly honest and funny interview with a model. The shining moment for the episode features Amy Schumer clothes shopping and having to answer tough questions from a black sales clerk. Saying anything about a sketch is tough because I don’t want to step on the joke, but if you don’t like that one you may not enjoy this show.

So, is it any good?

Yeah! The format works very well, even if the longest scene in the pilot isn’t worth the amount of time they spend on it. Pilots are generally weird for comedies (Nathan For You‘s pilot sets the stage for what they’re going to do with the show but doesn’t show the absurd lengths they’re going to go, which is really the reason to watch) and so this one should be judged less on the specifics and more on the general. It’s funny but a little clunky. You can fix clunky. You can’t fix unfunny.

I’m not sold.

Well, would you watch it for free, this second? Still no word on the future of The Ben Show, The Jeselnik Offensive, or Nathan For You, though Kroll Show survived one season on the notoriously fickle Comedy Central. Schumer might have a shot, because it’s tied together the same way Kroll Show is with stand up, and that helps because Amy Schumer’s a better pure stand up comic than anyone on that list.

Comedy Central’s figured out that more people will watch if they know what it is, so check out the first episode legally and for free here.

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