In Case You Missed It: Amy Schumer


Anyone can read a Wikipedia page. Every Wednesday in “In Case You Missed It” I hope to put in context something in the world of comedy for non comedy-nerds. This week we look at Amy Schumer, whose upcoming Comedy Central show debuts this month.

You probably are familiar with…

…it’s entirely possible you’ve missed her altogether if you’re not a big comedy fan. She’s got all the cred in the world among comedy nerds, though. She was on season 5 of Last Comic Standing, the impenetrable “comedy competition” program that NBC thought acted as a reasonable way to judge the skill of comics.

She also had an incredible role on Delocated as the long-time girlfriend of Eugene Mirman’s character. Delocated took a lot of amazing comedians and let them play exaggerated versions of their comedic personas within an even more exaggerated world, and Amy Schumer’s role was no different. Most of her jokes rely on her rejection of this “party girl” character, and playing someone who wants to have sex in a cemetery at the risk of angering the Russian mob is definitely absurd enough to work.

You might also know…

Her one hour special Mostly Sex Stuff is on Comedy Central a ton these days and is worth your DVR space. She’s fine tuned her style of alternatively not giving a shit at all and detailing her worst failures during times she gave too much of one. She’s done a lot of stand up you might have seen, but Mostly Sex Stuff has all the edges sanded off and the work is done.

It’s probably impossible to not draw a comparison to her former (and possibly on-and-off-again, it’s hard to tell) boyfriend Anthony Jeselnik. They both have a very distinct persona. They both are relentless. They’re both playing sociopaths in their own way, and though they are aiming to point a light on very different parts of the world, if you like Jeselnik you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out Amy Schumer.

You should go check out…

Her album Cutting, which is on Spotify and is cheap online in all the places music is cheap. You should especially go listen if you’re one of those “women aren’t funny” wastes of life. Go give four minutes to “Get Tested Denise” and come back to that hilarious goof, guy who watches Mad Men and gets all wistful for days of yore. You can probably guess what the bit’s about from the title, but it’s also worth your four minutes to hear how Comedy Central was worried about the legal ramifications if it turned out that Denise might be real.

Why does this matter?

Her new show Inside Amy Schumer debuts on Comedy Central on April 30. You can check out the first episode online already, and I hope that you do. It’s a weird show that has the typical bumps that a pilot will have but also has a lot to love in it. There’s a comparison sketch of men and women after a one night stand, a lot of excellent stand up and street interviews, and Amy Schumer tries out for 2 Girls 1 Cup. It hopefully eventually will pair well with Kroll Show, so get in early.

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One thought on “In Case You Missed It: Amy Schumer

  1. […] Inside Amy Schumer debuts April 30th on Comedy Central just after Tosh.0 and just before The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They’ll probably pick up a curious audience who watches Tosh and won’t turn away when shown two attractive women being pitched a gross idea. If not by design, maybe it should be. The show offers a look inside Schumer’s beautifully gross comedic mind through sketch and stand-up. I explained what that means on this site yesterday, so if you need a primer on Schumer herself, start here. […]

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