Netflix knows nostalgia: Cartoon Network on instant streaming


A Netflix subscription has its’ ups and downs.

On one hand, the instant streaming subscription mostly offers options that most viewers aren’t dying to stream. After a few months of catching up on a few tenured favorites, some subscribers find themselves lost amid a sea of unfamiliar, uninspiring titles that ultimately result in a loss of viewing interest.

There is no denying that having thousands of shows and movies at ones’ fingertips provides flexibility that simply isn’t available on even the most extensive of cable packages.  But there still lies a point when most subscribers’ watching habits become pigeonholed into a familiar rotation of re-runs until a savior comes along in the way of new content.

Now that Netflix has added a bevy of Cartoon Network classics, suffice to say that anyone who spent a chunk of their childhood during the early 2000s won’t be hitting a content wall anytime soon.

Netflix and Time Warner agreed to add content from a large contingent of shows from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim including Robot Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Childrens Hospital and Adventure Time. The amount of content tends to range between 1 and 3 complete seasons of each show, which hopefully means that Netflix is just trying to feel out the market with a limited sample before completely submerging themselves in the likes of Camp Lazlo or Fosters’ Home for Imaginary Friends.

Watching episodes of my favorite old shows has been like riding on a cloud of pleasant memories as I recover old moments that I thought had been wiped from my memory. The days when the world was vastly unknown but perfectly logical. I’ve had to remind myself that there aren’t any tapes which need to be returned to Blockbuster after cruising through a few episodes.

Right now, my top two priorities are Kids Next Door and Camp Lazlo in their entirety, after which will come bits and pieces of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and My Gym Partner’s a Monkey until I’ve satisfied my thirst for old cartoons. After that, I may just try out a few of the other titles that I overlooked during my formative years.

If this nostalgia tour has taught me anything, it’s that you should always embrace the past to help put the present into perspective.

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