Poor Scholars WWE Retro Vid of the Week


If you’re familiar at all with Poor Scholars then you’re aware that we have some wrestling fans on the staff. In this week’s edition of the Poor Scholars WWE Retro Vid of the Week, Poor Scholars’ Raj Nation breaks down the birth of Y2J.

With another Wrestlemania in the books, we have officially started a new season in WWE.

See, unlike other professional sports leagues, in the sports entertainment business, there are no days off. If you win the Super Bowl, you party until sunrise and don’t have to play another game for seven months. In WWE, Wrestlemania ends and Monday Night Raw begins 24 hours later. It’s the official start of a new year in wrestling.

With the new year, new plots are unveiled, and new characters are introduced. While this week’s WWE Retro Video Of The Week was not from day one of the WWE New Year, it was the start of a new millennium in professional wrestling: Y2J.

Chris Jericho made his WWE debut in August of 1999 and came out with guns blazing. How do you make a name for yourself on your first night? By cutting a promo that interrupts The Rock, of course.

Jericho is still one of the most popular characters in the history of sports entertainment, matching magnificent microphone skills with sharp ring savvy. He has an uncanny ability to work with, and put over, almost any opponent. He’s a six-time World Champion, the original Undisputed Champion, and most recently, the man who gave Fandango a jumpstart to his career by losing to him at Wrestlemania.

We know Jericho for many things today, but it all started on August 9, 1999 when a young man who was underutilized and underrated in his days with WCW arrived in WWE to cut off The Rock and proclaim, “Welcome to Raw…Is…Jericho!”

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