This Is The End: Apocalyptic summer blockbuster?

This-Is-The-End-Rogen-Franco-HillBY ALEX RUSSELL

At some point I stopped seeing movies in the theater. I’m at a point where I need to be convinced that something isn’t spectacularly horrible or I just assume it’s a waste of time. This movie, though, I will see in a theater.

I was too busy being infuriated by Scope’s stupid bullshit to notice this, but apparently Sony Pictures pulled an April Fools prank that actually had a “prank” element to it:

There’s no Pineapple Express 2 coming out. I’m not really broken up about that. The first one is a very decent movie but it doesn’t really leave you wondering WHAT COULD HAPPEN NEXT? Instead, they’re making this:

This Is The End. It looks fantastic, but I have my doubts. It’s the guys that were behind Superbad and Knocked Up, sure, but this has “movie that assholes like” all over it. Just like Vampire Weekend, sushi, and most accessible craft beers, many things can be ruined by association with people who might be at risk to say “swag” unironically.

I’m a big fan of the “people play themselves” thing, though. Craig Robinson’s character has a line in the trailer about how they aren’t who they play in movies. Of course they aren’t, but so long as this movie doesn’t play them as absurd caricatures in the other direction, this will be hilarious. I’m fine with a joke about Emma Watson being Hermione. I’m less fine with seeing that the Backstreet Boys are in it and being worried about what direction that joke takes.

So long as this is more Being John Malkovich and less Disaster Movie, the idea of watching what fake Danny McBride would do in the apocalypse is fucking great.

Just don’t expect to see what Kenny Powers would do. I went to go see Nick Offerman’s movie Somebody Up There Likes Me a few weeks back. After the movie he did a Q & A, and it’s amazing to see how many people can’t see him as anything but Ron Swanson. Sure, that’s his biggest role and he’ll be tied to it forever. But it sucks to see him reduced to that when he’s making other stuff.

Everyone in this movie has a legitimate career. Most of them are known for more than one role, even if some of them like Michael Cera and Mindy Kaling immediately call to mind their breakout characters. I just hope this is a smarter movie than it has to be, because the amazing cast list makes me think of Movie 43.

I don’t want to think of Movie 43. I hope this is as great as it absolutely could be.

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