Dubspot crushes April Fools’ Day


The Internet is a dangerous place, especially on April Fools’ Day. Every person with social media and a funny bone tries to draw some cheap laughs and this year some Facebook friends even took the plunge off the deep end of April Fools’ jokes by becoming “born-again Christians.” One “friend” went even further, declaring that she was no longer homosexual and back into the opposite sex.

Cruel and personal social media “jokes” aside, I didn’t enjoy another April Fools’ Day joke as much as the video produced by Dubstop.

The video is a how-to guide by Dubstop’s Chris Petti on a plug-in called “conTRAPtion” that turns any song into a trap song using influences from electronic music and hip-hip synths and sounds. Petti’s calm and soothing tone in the how-to video as he navigates settings like “Swag” and “Turnt Up” absolutely kills me and I enjoyed a lot of their song selections.

Before I give any more of it away, just watch and appreciate.


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