Exploring a Poor Scholar’s DVR: Pat Flynn

dvrBy Pat Flynn

The next few weeks the Poor Scholars staff is going over their individual DVR habits for each other (and all of you) to ridicule. This week, Poor Scholars’ Pat Flynn breaks down his DVR habits.

If you enjoyed Brian Godar’s endless list of TV shows he consumes by crushing them and snorting them through a $100 bill, then you’re going to hate me. My DVR pales in comparison to his, but for good reason. I rarely watch TV. I watch shows via my iPad all the time on HBO, Netflix and Showtime. But the moment you have a roommate  that is a grad student, you just try not to make noise. TVs make noise. iPads with headphones in don’t.

But when she leaves, the TV goes on and I scream and jump on the couch and watch whatever the fuck I want. Here goes:

Colbert Report — We have 10 of these recorded. That should show you how meticulous I am about trimming the fat from my DVR. But Colbert is over the top awesomeness. The guests go on knowing what they are dealing with and are generally very laid back. They can count on Colbert to set them up and he will carry the entire segment if needed.

Daily Show — Any television show whose calling card is to call FOX News on its bullshit is good by me. I’m not political by any stretch, but I hate the hardcore partisan media. I never watch the FOX or MSNBC. The fake outrage and attacks are awful and annoying, which is why Jon Stewart’s show is so great. Those people are so pathological and he is so willing to destroy them for being exactly what they are. As a sports fan, I want Stewart to go on ESPN’s First Take or Cold Pizza and do to them what he did to CNN’s Crossfire.

Workaholics — Six episodes of this insane/ridiculous show. It is awesome and it is a major talking point at work. It’s the one show that now matter what time it is. I turn it on, despite the bitchy looks I get from the grad student. I’d say 15% of my current vocabulary is taken from this show. I reference it daily and nobody really gets it.

The Social Network — No idea why I did this. I think I was drinking and the grad student had never seen it, so I told her I would DVR it. The movie was excellent. I’ve seen it a few times and it’s turning into one of those moves that I’ll watch every time it’s on.

Check me out on Twitter at @pjflynn23, or don’t.

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