Limp Bizkit – Ready To Go?


I’ve always operated under the theory that there is one way to tell if someone is trustworthy; does said person like Limp Bizkit? If their answer is anything other than yes, you definitely can’t trust them. This person is a liar. See this is a trick question, everyone likes Limp Bizkit.

Limp Bizkit dominated the airwaves in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. They were doing it all for the nookie and had an affinity for breaking stuff. Over the last few years and much to the disdain of their millions of fans, Fred Durst, his hat and the rest of Limp Bizkit have remained mostly out of the public eye. Luckily for Fred Durst and company — after all these years — the fans never forgot how to “move in now move out.”

Early in 2012, Fred Durst broke the news that Limp Bizkit had signed with Cash Money Records. Aside from sparking an ongoing gentleman’s wager (who can karaoke Limp Bizkit in front of the most people) between Poor Scholars writer Scott Phillips and I, the news was so big it nearly broke the Internet. Ever since that monumental announcement, the world has been waiting for the first single off their new record, Stampede of the Disco Elephants, to drop.

The wait is finally over. If you haven’t already listened to Limp Bizkit’s new single “Ready To Go,” I suggest that you do so now. In the event that you have listened to it already, I suggest you listen to it 10 or 11 more times.

Most people say that musical artists mature with age and that their sound changes and matures too. Judging Limp Bizkit solely by their new single, absolutely nothing about them has changed! That is unless you count adding in Lil Wayne dropping classic lines such as “red hat to the back like Fred Durst.”

Listening to this harkens back to a different time. One that makes Fred Durst’s claim “I’m the champ bitch, I ain’t gotta show the belt” resonate as he so states in “Ready To Go.” This time of course is circa the year 2000 and Limp Bizkit’s new single could easily fit onto any of their previous albums.

I’m excited about this “new” Limp Bizkit. The one that sings about dated pop references, proclaims to be “back as the mother fuckin’ rock god” and collaborates with actual rappers. You should be too and if you aren’t, well I know you are a liar.

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