Tiger is on the prowl


I certainly don’t have a “case of the Mondays” today. That’s because the Sports Gods told me, “Scott, you’ve been good lately, so we’re going to give you your precious NCAA Tournament and your good friend Tiger Woods on separate days,” and they rained out Sunday at Bay Hill to make it happen.

Tiger is currently donning the Sunday Monday Red and taking a three-or-four stroke (as of this writing he’s four strokes up through eight holes) lead into the back nine at Bay Hill, a course he’s won at seven times.

Winning No. 8 at Bay Hill would be a significant victory for Woods for a few reasons:

  • Winning Bay Hill for the 8th time ties Tiger with Sam Snead for the PGA Tour record for most wins at one event. 
  • Tiger reclaims No. 1 in the World Golf Rankings for the first time since October 2010 (I’ve had three GREAT Halloween costumes since the last time Tiger was No. 1; that’s not right.)
  • Tiger wins his third event of the year as we approach The Masters.

C’mon, you’ve watched March Madness with us, you saw the commercials and heard Jim Nantz’s voice over those soft and soothing piano keys. Augusta is coming up fast and Tiger appears to be at the top of his game as he approaches the only events that truly matter to him: Majors.

Hopefully he’s at least in contention to keep things interesting.


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