Poor Scholars NCAA Tournament Friday Blog


March Madness is here and the Poor Scholars staff is amped about it. Follow our live blog throughout the week for updates on the games and our take on things.

Rambo (12 p.m.) – Once again, I am back at work for today’s games. My excitement for today’s games is a bit higher than yesterday but still doesn’t surpass my level of anticipation for tonight’s USA WCQ against Costa Rica or that fact that Spring Breakers comes out today. As a die-hard Indiana Hoosier fan, I’m looking forward to watching them steam roll James Madison later this afternoon. The other thing I am looking forward to is watching Marshall Henderson play. I know a lot of people hate him and his antics on the court, but I love it. I’m really hoping that he does something so incredible that it literally makes Bo Ryan’s head explode.

Scott (12 p.m.) – I’m really licking my wounds after losing a Final Four team in New Mexico. I’ve seen Harvard a few times but I’m stunned at how well they played. Kudos to them. But under my criteria for a successful bracket and a chance at at least placing (or winning if shit gets crazy like 2006), I still have 3-for-4 Final Four teams, 7-for-8 Elite Eight teams, and 15 of 16 Sweet 16 teams. As long as my other teams keep hitting and a few upsets happen along the way, (let’s go Minnesota and Iowa State!) I’ll be fine.

Rambo (12:07 p.m.) – Speaking of the Harvard victory last night, that really boned my bracket as well. Wasn’t it enough for them to just make a quaint little appearance and be done with it? They already go to Harvard, isn’t that enough?

Scott (1:03 p.m.) – Starting to pick up now as Wisconsin and Ole Miss hits the under-12 media timeout and NC State and Temple are in the thick of the first half. Your boy Marshall Henderson looks like shit, Rambo. In the battle of good (Bo Ryan) vs. evil (Marshall Henderson), good always prevails.

Scott (1:40 p.m.) – I hate Wisconsin, I hate the tournament.

Rambo (2:01 p.m.) – I know this is late, but I just got back from lunch. FUCK WISCONSIN! I couldn’t be happier that they lost. Admittedly it screws my bracket since I had them in the Elite 8 but I still don’t care. Also, MARSHALL HENDERSON!!!

Rambo (2:10 p.m.) – We have a huge upset to announce…my office has inexplicably decided to turn the tournament on all of the flat screen tvs. They even have the games on the giant projectors in our training room!

Troy (2:17 p.m.) – The Ole Miss upset is wrong in every sense of the word. Forget about Marshall Henderson being celebrated for being a lifelong screw up for a minute. Wisconsin is a quality team that doesn’t get upended by inferior opponents, and Ole Miss is inferior by far. There was an infinitesimal amount of logic that went into this result. Tournament Friday is still fresh and I’m already pissed.

Scott (2:38 p.m.) – Every TV Dad has an exploding fist pound and tries to be a “cool dad” now. Fuck all of that.

Scott (2:50 p.m.) – C.J. Leslie refusing to foul for a few seconds so he wouldn’t foul out over the good of the team is the perfect microcosm of his career at N.C. State. Pathetic loss.

Scott (2:52 p.m.) – Also, this photo from Sports Illustrated‘s Instagram:

Photo by sportsillustrated • Instagram


Rambo (3:19 p.m.) – HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS! The future national champions are getting ready to tip off…

Scott (3:32 p.m.) – Well, I think we’re handling this New Mexico loss much better than some people. Holy cow is that a fan meltdown. The funniest part is the self-serving headline, “Longtime sportswriter says farewell.” I literally burst into laughter every time I read the headline.

Rambo (3:44 p.m.) – That is a major meltdown and also hilarious. Being a lifelong Cubs fan, I can relate to his frustration.

Rambo (4:22 p.m.) – I can’t say I’m surprised LaSalle just knocked off K-State. LOL Bruce Weber.

Scott (5:35 p.m.) – Some other members of Poor Scholars, Eli and Pat came by and we just came to a group consensus that we would give McDonald’s Spicy Chicken sandwich a shot. It looks absolutely delicious. Also, this Illinois game is dreadful. As my buddy Doyle called them, “LOLinois.”

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