Poor Scholars NCAA Tournament Thursday Blog


March Madness is here and the Poor Scholars staff is amped about it. Follow our live blog throughout the week for updates on the games and our take on things.

Scott (2:00 p.m.) – Thanks for joining the live blog, we’ll have comments from some of our staff throughout the day and night as the first round of action goes down. I don’t care if it’s called the “Second Round,” nobody in America gives it that kind of credit.

Rambo (2:00 p.m.) – As any sports fan knows, the Thursday/Friday opening round games of the NCAA tournament is nirvana. It is everything you could possibly want from sports; non-stop games all day, upsets, buzzer beaters, a gambling paradise, a chance to gain bragging rights over your coworkers and friends and the opportunity to go to a bar at 9 am and get drunk for 12 straight hours. Unfortunately, the opening round of the tournament is still not a national holiday (if any President is looking for a boost in approval rating, they will get this done). This year I am stuck at work for the opening round games. . For those who are burdened with the responsibility of being at work for today and tomorrow, we are really going to be pushing the limits of our job security. While technically I’ll be at work, it doesn’t mean I’m actually going to be doing any work. Luckily for me I have two computer screens and will have games up all day. If my boss comes by I can quickly switch and in the event that I am too enthralled in a game and they see me sitting around watching basketball, I don’t really care. I’ll threaten them with an unlawful termination lawsuit for being un-American or something if I get canned. Plus if I do get fired today that just means I can go to the bar all day tomorrow. Anyway, I will be live blogging along with Poor Scholars in an environment most other Americans will be able to relate to: at work.

Troy (2:00 p.m.) – Bucknell becomes my Long Beach State of 2013. So much hope, so many opportunities, so much disappointment.

Scott (2:00 p.m.) – Also, this truTV tweet is crushing it.

Rambo (2:13 p.m.) – I’ve got a couple of quick thoughts on the early games. Valparaiso came back and made the game interesting for gamblers. They ended up with a sneaky cover. You gotta love the NCAA tourney! Also, Butler already crushes my dream of a perfect bracket. I hate Butler. I’m jealous of Butler. How does a team like Butler play in back-to-back championship games? The biggest game I’ve seen my alma matter DePaul play since becoming a student and alumni was an NIT game against Air Force.

Me and a couple friends can’t wait to win the Powerball and become DePaul’s Nevin Shapiro. Even if we end up going down in flames, the phoenix-like rise to glory for a few years will be worth it.

Rambo (2:26 p.m.) – My bosses are watching me like a hawk. I think they instinctively know that all I am doing is watching basketball. They can’t prove it if they don’t see me actually watching though!

Scott (2:43 p.m.) – Fucking Pitt… Also, Davidson is my first big upset of the day to tip off. Seventeen consecutive wins and a 14 seed? No respect!

Rambo (2:58 p.m.) – How have you not learned your lesson with Pitt yet? Continually underachieving in the tournament, year after year. I can’t understand how some people I talked to had Pitt upsetting Gonzaga in round 2 round 3.

Rambo (3:05 p.m.) – I forgot to mention earlier that if we are going to talk about sleepers, we should definitely mention truTV as a sleeper tv channel. It is quietly becoming one of my favorite channels with all of the white trash tv it airs. I highly recomend Lizard Lick Towing to everyone.

Troy (3:07 p.m.) – I swear Davidson, if you can’t avenge that Bucknell loss… Well, then it’ll be a typical tourney Thursday for me.

Scott (3:09 p.m.) – My brother picked Davidson? I’m screwed…

Scott (3:36 p.m.) – Memphis takes a seven-point lead late on St. Mary’s. No idea how Alex Russell does it, this Memphis team is everywhere.

Troy (3:40 p.m.)- Really wish that Buffalo Wild Wings 256 team commercial ran for the first time today. Three weeks ago, I was amused when the concept was only vaguely relevant. If audiences had been exposed to this Fighting Snails layup (At the end) when spirits were already this high, it could have been the commercial talk of the tournament.

Troy(4:00 p.m.)- Man, I don’t even know if Memphis deserved to win that one. Memphis was rolling for most of the second half and held Matthew Delavedova to 3-13 from the field, but still almost found a way to give the game away to the visibly inferior Gaels. You can’t say you havn’t been warned with Josh Pastner-era Memphis squads; this marks Pastner’s (and Memphis’) third straight tournament appearance with only a single victory to show for it.

Scott (4:15 p.m.) – Davidson looking strong and confident as Marquette struggles to score in the halfcourt. Steph Curry killing me on Twitter.

Rambo (4:16 p.m.) – A few more thoughts so far about the start of the tournament. First, Southern is beating Gonzaga with 9 minutes left in the first half, this is a very exciting development (not that they are going to win, but we can dream). Second, not a lot of scoring so far in any of the games but at least the Memphis game came down to the wire. Third and very much predictable, my brackets are doing terrible.

Rambo (4:47 p.m.) – Cough cough cough! Good job, good effort Davidson. Sorry Scott and Troy. On that note I’m finally free from the prison that is my office. Let’s just hope that by the time I get home from work Southern will be en route to pulling off a miracle.

Scott (4:53 p.m.) – Davidson drove me to crack a beer.

Troy (6:05 p.m.)– Oklahoma St. seemed about as sure a thing as there was in the first round. Sure, Oregon had momentum and was under seeded, but this Cowboys’ squad that really only lost to NCAA caliber teams except for one early season loss to Virginia Tech. Simply put, Oklahoma State was able to win the winnable games all year until the it really counted. That makes me 4 for 8 on picks so far today. If both Belmont and South Dakota State pull off a pair of upsets tonight, I’ll head into Friday with at least a ribbon of hope. Here we go Nate Wolters.

Scott (6:34 p.m.) – Bit of a lull right not with the first half of these games but my friend Matt came through in the clutch with a Tombstone Supreme, the best of the take-home oven pizzas in that price range.

Scott (8:05 p.m.) – Now this Cal and UNLV game is what I’m talking about. This is like if you had a mid-level west coast bowl game that fed into a college football playoff that was in the same weekend. If that makes any sense. The NCAA Tournament is the best.

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